MBB Bk117



Powered by two LTS 101-750B-1 engines

List of Operators of MBB Bk117B-1

From Organisation with model Bk117B-1
germany MBB
    Bk117 331 1979/92
germany ADAC Luftrettung GmbH
    Bk117 16 1983/   
spain Guardia Civil
    Bk117 9 1983/   
germany DRF Luftrettung
    Bk117 1984/   
germany Landespolizei
    Bk117 1987/   
chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile
    3 1990/11
chile Carabineros de Chile
    Bk117 2 1990/   
usa American Eurocopter
    Bk117 4 1993/98
sweden SOS Helikoptern Gotland
    Bk117 1 1995/05
peru Policia Nacional del Peru
    Bk117 5 1998/   

canada Canadian Ambulance Services
usa State of North Carolina
usa PHI Inc
Construction Numbers on database of Bk117B-1


Construction Numbers

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7140 1988 US N216AE : American Eurocopter, test serial D-HBDI
US N90260 : to N117AM
US N117AM : BK117-850D2 Air Methods Corp 2009, B2 type; conv to 850D2?
7141 US N124AM : Air Methods; to N155SC
7142 1988 US N90266 : MBB USA, test serial D-HBDK
US N460H : Chase Equipment Finance Inc at Columbus, OH 2004-2009
US N150KF : Cyfly Llc at San Francisco, CA from Oct11; St. Louis Ch+
7146 1988 US N191BK : USA, test serial D-HBDO; N9028G ntu
US N1174U : Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) at Milwaukee,+
7151 US N7059J : American Eurocopter Feb 1998, test serial D-HBDT, for P+
PE PNP-121 : Peru National Police 1998; w/o 28jun01 near Moquegua. 3+
7152 1989 US N5196T : MBB Corp, test serial D-HBDU
US N217UC : UC Health, Cincinnati University Air Care 1990-2002; pi+
US N217AE : Phi Air Medical from Jun02, 117B2 type
7154 1988 US N7059N : USA, test serial D-HBDW
SC Capital Corp XI Llc at New Hope, PA
US N7059N : AHN LifeFlight
US N154AM : Air Methods from Sep08, 117B2 type; Jan18 still
7158 1989 US N193CK : MBB, test serial D-HBHA
US N193BK : USA, to N440SL
US N440SL : Vesey Air Llc at Danbury, CT
US N440SL : Air Methods Corp from May10
US N440SL : ARCH Air Medical Service /Arch4
US N440SL : Dec17-Feb18, sold Eurocopter BK-117 1989; Heater / Air+
7164 1988 AE S-716 : ?, to D-HBHG
DE D-HBHG : MBB, Jun91 at Paris air show, France
DE D-HBHG : MHS ambulance Aug93
DE D-HBHG : bk117b2 Eurocopter Germany 1996, conv to B2 type
IT D-HBHG : Elilario Italia 1999
IT I-HBHG : Elilario, to D-HMBB
IT D-HMBB : Elilario Italia, noted Oct07
bk117b2 Dec12 type:B-2 Christoph Weser
7168 DE D-HBHK : MBB, to N7060B
US N911LT : to N911LK
US N911LK : bk117b2 Air Evac, B-2 type, noted 1998-2000
US N117KC : UH MedEvac, noted Sep06-May11
CA C-FRSK : STARS from Jul12
7174 1988 DE D-HBHQ : MBB, to N7060N
US N7060N : MBB USA, to N911TG
US N911TG : to N912TG
US N912TG : Air Methods from Sep11
US N912TG : TGH, op by Air Methods
7177 1988 US N117TX : Mother Frances Hospital at Tyler, TX Oc89-Oct13; Flight+
NZ ZK-IQL : Airwork NZ from Nov13
7179 1988 US N5405G : USA, test serial D-HBHV; conv to B2 type
US N5405G : STAT MedEvac from Jun87
US N5405G : Johns Hopkins Lifeline, op by STAT MedEvac, noted 2002-+
US N5405G : Maxus Leasing Group at Cleveland, OH Jul05-Jan12
CJ Systems Aviation at Englewood, CO Feb12-Jun14
NZ ZK-INI : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ from Dec12, conv to 850D2
7180 US N7040U : PHI Dec97-Feb98
PE PNP-122 : Peru National Police 1998
7184 1988 DE D-HIMA : MBB, N5405K ntu
UK G-HMBB : MBB Helicopter Systems Ltd Jun91-Apr93; conv to B-1C ty+
UK G-HMBB : McAlpine Apr93-Jun96
DE D-HBRE : ADAC Luftrettung from 1997
bk117b2 type BK117B-2; Oct02 Christoph Rheinland; Jun07 Christo+
BK117-850D2 ADAC, type 850D2?
7185 DE D-HIMB : MBB, blue livery; 20jun92 picture at Berlin airshow; 13+
JO JY-ACC : Jordan, rtn to D-HIMB
DE D-HIMB : bk117b2 DRF Notarzt from 1996? original built as BK117B-1
10oct10 pictured at Freiburg (Christoph 54)
7186 1990 JO JY-ACD : Jordan, rtn to D-HIMC
SE SE-JUL : SOS Helikoptern; to VH-VSA
AU VH-VSA : Australian Helicopters from May06, conv b-2 type
AU VH-VSA : MAC Rescue Helicopter, South Australia /Rescue52 op by +
NZ ZK-IWL : Helicopters Otago at Mosgiel, NZ from 26may17
7194 CL H-32 : fach d/d 1990; ex N117BK
7197 CL H-33 : fach d/d 1998. ex CC-DAE
CL C-02 : Carabineros; 2011 Base El Tepual Puerto Montt; ex FACH +
7200 1989 DE D-HNWK : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1989, conv to B+
7202 PE PNP-119 : Peru National Police, ex N8192M; w/o 09jan04 near Buena+
7203 1989 DE D-HIMT : Air rescue 118, 1993 cnvt. to type:B-2 toward D-HEMS
DE D-HEMS : ADAC from 2003 ex D-HIMT; 2011 Christoph 32
7204 1989 DE D-HIMU : DRF in 1993?? cnvt. to BK117B-2 w/o 14 December 2005.
DE D-HIMU : HDM Flugservice operated for DRF
7205 1990 DE D-HIMV : MHS Helicopter-Flugservice 1992
NO LN-OSY : Norway, to D-HBAY
DE D-HBAY : ADAC Luftrettung from 2008, conv to B-2 type; 2013 stil+
BK117-850D2 Jul16 conv to Bk117-850D2
DE D-HBAY : May/Aug 2017, sold Eurocopter BK-117 1990; available as+
7209 CL H-31 : fach d/d 1990; w/o 26apr91; rebuilt; to CC-CIW
CL C-10 : Carabineros; ex fach H-31
7210 PE PNP-120 : Peru National Police, ex N8194Q
7212 1989 DE D-HNWL : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW); Oct11 type:B-2 Humme+
7213 1990 DE D-HFDD : to VH-BKZ
AU VH-BKZ : Australia, first reg Jan96
AU VH-BKZ : Ambulance NSW Child flight, Westmead
AU VH-BKZ : Skyplan Australia Pty from May13
27jan14 now at Ardmore, Auckland, New Zealand. Imported+
NZ ZK-IIR : New Zealand, to C-GBKP
CA C-GBKP : Great Slave Helicopters from Apr14
17jun18 at Valdez, Alaska
7217 1990 US N7161S : test serial D-HFDH
US N170MC : Omniflight Helicopters at Addison, TX from Jun02
US N170MC : Orlando Health at Orlando, FL; Orlando Regional Medical+
7218 DE D-HFDI : MBB, to N71579
US N71579 : to C-GDGP
CA C-GDGP : Stars Aviation from Jan91, B-1D type
bk117b2 Stars Aviation; May04, conv to B-2D type
CA C-GDGP : STARS from Apr11
7222 1990 US N71570 : USA, test serial D-HFDM
US N212AE : to N296GL
US N296GL : Vesey Air Llc at Danbury, CT
CA C-FSKG : STARS from Jul11, B2 type
7226 1990 US N71709 : MBB USA, test serial D-HFDQ
US N121LF : Life Flight unk, to N198LL
US N333LF : Geisinger Medical Center at Danville, PA from Feb92
7227 1990 US N71703 : MBB, test serial D-HFDR
US N71703 : Rocky Mountain Helicopters
US N71703 : Rocky Mountain Helicopters (RMH); EastCare (Vidant Heal+
US N117J : Mission Hospitals Inc at Asheville, NC from Aug05
US N117J : Christiana Care Health System, noted 2014-; LifeNet Del+
7228 1992 DE D-HFDS : MBB re-registered to D-HMBN
DE D-HMBN : bk117b2 MBB ex D-HFDS cnvt. to B-2 type toward SE-JBC
SE SE-JBC : bk117b2 Heliflyg; Mar93 new ex D-HMBN; 1996 to new owner Osterm+
SE SE-JBC : bk117b2 Osterman; 1996 new ex owner Heliflyg; 1999 toward D-HMM+
DE D-HMMM : bk117b2 DRF; 1999 new; 2007 Christoph 27
7229 1991 US N192BK : USA, test serial D-HFDT
US N117BK : tmp to Germany as?,
US N104VU : reser N164AM
US N164AM : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO from Dec01
NZ ZK-HGU : Airwork (NZ) Ltd from Dec14
NZ ZK-HGU : Mar14 Cyclone Pam relief efforts at Vanuatu, op by Gard+
7230 1990 US N6593M : MBB, test serial D-HFDU
US N17SJ : to N61LF
US N61LF : Ge Business Financial Services Inc at Danbury, CT Apr0+
US N612AM : Air Methods May10-Jan15, B-2 type
US N636MC : Mercy Flight Central at Canandaigua, NY from Jan15
7234 1991 US N136AE : Air Methods, canc Mar12
CA C-FMBU : STARS from Mar12, B2 type
7238 1991 DE D-HMBN : MBB, test serial D-HFIC
US N132AE : USA, ex N31502
US N440HH : Memorial Hermann Hospital, noted 2000, B2 type
US N238BK : CFS Air Aug08-Jan13
US N238BK : Native Air; 22jan12 pictured as /Native20 at Phoenix De+
US N238BK : Air Methods from Feb13
US N238BK : St. Louis Childrens Hospital (SLCH) at St. Louis, MO, +
7239 ES HU.22-05 : 09-205. w/o 10apr96
7240 DE D-HSFB : bk117b2 ADAC 1994, test serial D-HFIE, conv to 117B-2 type
02jun13 noted at Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport
7242 1992 DE D-HFIG : MBB re-registered to D-HMBN
DE D-HMBN : bk117b2 MBB ex D-HFIG cnvt. to B-2 type toward N3202U
US N3202U : bk117b2 American Eurocopter; 1992 new ex D-HMBN; 1993 toward D-+
DE D-HUUU : bk117b2 DRF; 1993 new ex N3202U; 2007 Christoph 53; 22may09 w/o+
7243 1991 US N3202V : MBB Corp, test serial D-HFIH, D-HMBO
US N955ME : STAT MedEvac, noted 2007
Bank of America NA at Providence, RI Jan08; Keystone +
US N317UH : Bank of America NA at Providence, RI from May13; UC Hea+
42 C/N.

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