Del'd: 331 - 1979 to 1992

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    7106 bk117a3 1986     D-HBCA: MBB, to C-FIOM
MBB Helicopter Canada C-FIOM: Jul90-Jan91, conv to A3D type

Canadian Armed Forces 143106: Canada Armed forces CH-143 serial 143106 test program; +

Eurocopter Canada C-FIOM: Eurocopter Canada Apr/May 1992

heliflyg SE-JBK: Heliflyg HEMS A4D type May92-Apr93

Eurocopter Canada C-FIOM: Eurocopter Canada Apr/Jun 1993

Canadian Ambulance Services C-FIOM: STARS from Jun93
    7129 bk117a4     D-HBCX: MBB, to N9022E
. N9022E: to N586BH

State of North Carolina N586BH: EastCare (Vidant Health), noted 1990-2004 to N485UM

State of North Carolina N485UM: Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Jun99-Jun1+
    7138 bk117a4     D-HBDG: MBB, to N90250
- N290H: to N313LF

- N313LF: to N171MU

- N171MU: Cyfly Llc at San Francisco, CA from Oct11

State of New York N504TJ: Mercy Flight from Jul13; Mercy Flight WNY; 04may14 infl+

State of South Carolina N171MU: Meducare (LifeNet SC) MUSC Hospital, op by Omniflight
    7139 bk117a4 1987     D-HBDH: MBB toward ZS-XBX
- ZS-XBX: ex D-HBDH toward ZS-HUU

- ZS-HUU: JCI Ltd late 1980s to early 90s; ex ZS-XBX to N550SL

Air Methods N550SL: Air Methods from May10; 21may11 damaged by Tornado at +

Helicopters Otago ZH-HQI: Otago Regional Rescue from Aug12, BK117B-2 type
    7164 bk117b1 1988     D-HBHG: MBB, Jun91 at Paris air show, France
UAE Government S-716: ?, to D-HBHG

MHS Helicopter Flugservice GmbH D-HBHG: MHS ambulance Aug93

Eurocopter Germany D-HBHG: Eurocopter Germany 1996, conv to B2 type

Elilario Italia D-HBHG: Elilario Italia 1999

Elilario Italia I-HBHG: Elilario, to D-HMBB

Elilario Italia D-HMBB: Elilario Italia, noted Oct07

German air rescue D-HDDD: DRF May08

Dec12 type:B-2 Christoph Weser
    7168 bk117b1     D-HBHK: MBB, to N7060B
- N911LT: to N911LK

Air Evac Lifeteam N911LK: Air Evac, B-2 type, noted 1998-2000

State of Ohio N117KC: UH MedEvac, noted Sep06-May11

Canadian Ambulance Services C-FRSK: STARS from Jul12
    7174 bk117b1 1988     D-HBHQ: MBB, to N7060N
MBB Helicopter Corp N7060N: MBB USA, to N911TG

- N911TG: to N912TG

Air Methods N912TG: Air Methods from Sep11

State of Florida N912TG: TGH, op by Air Methods
    7002 bk117a1 1983     D-HBKD: MBB, to N39180
MBB Helicopter Corp N39180: MBB USA, to N122LF

State of Pennsylvania N122LF: Geisinger Medical Center at Danville, PA canc Dec97, +

- D-HLFR: B-2 type, to C-FKCM

- C-FKCM: Stars Aviation from Dec05, B-2D type

Canadian Ambulance Services C-FKCM: STARS from Mar11
    7005 bk117a1 1982     D-HBKG: MBB BK117A-1 type toward D-HDAC
ADAC Air Rescue D-HDAC: ADAC, conv to A-1,A-3,A-4 and B-2 types

BK-117B-2 type from 1994/1995; Apr05 Christoph 6; Aug06+
    7009 bk117a1 1983     D-HBKK: bk117a3 MBB Rescue Demonstrator mar87, BK.117A-3 type, all red liver+
ADAC Air Rescue D-HBKK: ADAC; Jan10 type:B-2 Christoph Murnau

Oct11 type:B-2 Christoph 22

21jun16 at Christoph 62 Bautzen
    7020 bk117a1     D-HBKV: MBB, to N3928U
- N3928U: N113 ntu, to N271

- N271: to N789JW

- N789JW: A-4 type, canc Dec97

Eurocopter Canada C-GBNH: Eurocopter Canada Dec97-Jul99; A-4D type conv to B-2D

- C-GBNH: Stars Aviation from Dec99

Canadian Ambulance Services C-GBNH: STARS from Apr11
    7022 bk117a1 1983     D-HBKX: MBB toward N39281
- N39281: MBB corp.(not confirmed) ex D-HBKX toward N117UV

medical helicopter N117UV: PEGASUS ex N39281 toward EC-EZT to dec90

Helicsa EC-EZT: Helicsa from 1991 to 2003 ex N117UV toward D-HTIB

Elbe Helicopters D-HTIB: Elbe Helicopters ex EC-EZT from 2003 to 2006?, toward n+

    7028 bk117a1 1983     D-HBMC: MBB, to N3926D
- N3926D: to C-GALI

- C-GALI: Alc Airlift, A-3D Type, canc Sep87

- HB-XSG: Rüdisühli Helitransport Oct87-Mar99

heli D-HHTA: Heli Transair, noted May01

- C-GCPH: Stars Aviation Canada from Nov01, B-2D type

Canadian Ambulance Services C-GCPH: STARS from May11
    7034 bk117a1     D-HBMI: MBB toward ZS-HMP
Ciskei Defence Force ZS-HMP: CDF ex D-HBMI toward 386

South African Air Force 386: SAAF. ex D-HBMI
    7046 bk117a1     D-HBMU: MBB toward ZS-HNC
Ciskei Defence Force ZS-HNC: CDF ex D-HBMU toward 385

South African Air Force 385: SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBMU
    7049 bk117a3     D-HBMX: MBB toward VDF-010
Venda Defence Force VDF-010: VDF ex D-HBMX toward 380

South African Air Force 380: SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBMX
    7050 bk117a1     D-HBMY: MBB cnvt. to type:BK117A-3 toward C-GMCL
ALC Airlift Canada Inc. C-GMCL: from Sep85 ex D-HBMY toward N507AL

? N507AL: from Mar91 ex C-GMCL toward N401PH

Petroleum Helicopters Inc N401PH: PHI from May93 ex N507AL toward N911WJ

Martin County Fire Rescue N911WJ: Martin County Fire Rescue from Aug98 ex N401PH w/o 16De+
    7053 bk117a1     D-HBNA: MBB toward ZS-HND
Ciskei Defence Force ZS-HND: CDF ex D-HBNA toward 384

South African Air Force 384: SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBNA
    7059 bk117a1 1985     D-HBNG: MBB 1985
MBB Helicopter Corp N159BK: MBB Corp

- N271: USA, to N236KH

- N236KH: Canal Air Llc at Danbury, CT Aug06-Sep13, A3 type

Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT Sep/Dec 2013

- ZK-IED: New Zealand from Mar14

Precision Helicopters Ltd from Oct14 at Urenui, NZ; w/o+
    7073 bk117a3 1986     D-HBNU: MBB toward C-GJLE
- C-GJLE: MBB Canada (not confirmed) ex D-HBNU toward N12851

Eurocopter USA N12851: American Eurocopter Dec93-Feb94 ex C-GJLE toward CC-CSW

- CC-CSW: ex N12851 toward PT-HZM

- PT-HZM: ex CC-CSW toward XA-TRF

- XA-TRF: ex PT-HZM toward D-HSMA

ADAC Air Rescue D-HSMA: ADAC; Mar05 type:B2 at Bonn-Hangelar for overhaul

Aug07 type:B2 Christoph Leipzig

Dec07 type:B2 Christoph Leipzig
    7075 bk117a3     D-HBNW: MBB toward VDF-020
Venda Defence Force VDF-020: VDF ex D-HBNW toward 381

South African Air Force 381: SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBNW
    7094 bk117a3 1986     D-HBPO: MBB, to N522MB
- N114AE: canc Nov92


German air rescue D-HDRF: DRF Luftrettung, B2 type; Aug13 pictured at homebase Ch+
    7218 bk117b1     D-HFDI: MBB, to N71579
- N71579: to C-GDGP

- C-GDGP: Stars Aviation from Jan91, B-1D type

Stars Aviation; May04, conv to B-2D type

Canadian Ambulance Services C-GDGP: STARS from Apr11
    7228 bk117b1 1992     D-HFDS: MBB re-registered to D-HMBN
heliflyg SE-JBC: Heliflyg; Mar93 new ex D-HMBN; 1996 to new owner Osterm+

osterman helikopter SE-JBC: Osterman; 1996 new ex owner Heliflyg; 1999 toward D-HMM+

German air rescue D-HMMM: DRF; 1999 new; 2007 Christoph 27
    7242 bk117b1 1992     D-HFIG: MBB re-registered to D-HMBN
Eurocopter USA N3202U: American Eurocopter; 1992 new ex D-HMBN; 1993 toward D-+

German air rescue D-HUUU: DRF; 1993 new ex N3202U; 2007 Christoph 53; 22may09 w/o+
    7184 bk117b1 1988     D-HIMA: MBB, N5405K ntu
- G-HMBB: MBB Helicopter Systems Ltd Jun91-Apr93; conv to B-1C ty+

McAlpine Helicopters G-HMBB: McAlpine Apr93-Jun96

ADAC Air Rescue D-HBRE: ADAC Luftrettung from 1997

type BK117B-2; Oct02 Christoph Rheinland; Jun07 Christo+

ADAC, type 850D2?
    7185 bk117b1     D-HIMB: MBB, blue livery; 20jun92 picture at Berlin airshow; 13jun93+
- JY-ACC: Jordan, rtn to D-HIMB

German air rescue D-HIMB: DRF Notarzt from 1996? original built as BK117B-1

10oct10 pictured at Freiburg (Christoph 54)
    7036 bk117a1     D-HMBK: MBB, to N4493W
- N4493W: to N118HH

- N118HH: to N128HH

- N128HH: Life Star Hardford Hospital, to N485UH

State of North Carolina N485UH: EastCare (Vidant Health), noted 2004

Air Methods N485UH: Air Methods from May10, Bk.117A-4 type; Air Methods Ken+
    7228 bk117b1 1992     D-HMBN: bk117b2 MBB ex D-HFDS cnvt. to B-2 type toward SE-JBC
heliflyg SE-JBC: Heliflyg; Mar93 new ex D-HMBN; 1996 to new owner Osterm+

osterman helikopter SE-JBC: Osterman; 1996 new ex owner Heliflyg; 1999 toward D-HMM+

German air rescue D-HMMM: DRF; 1999 new; 2007 Christoph 27
    7242 bk117b1 1992     D-HMBN: bk117b2 MBB ex D-HFIG cnvt. to B-2 type toward N3202U
Eurocopter USA N3202U: American Eurocopter; 1992 new ex D-HMBN; 1993 toward D-+

German air rescue D-HUUU: DRF; 1993 new ex N3202U; 2007 Christoph 53; 22may09 w/o+
    7238 bk117b1 1991     D-HMBN: MBB, test serial D-HFIC
MBB Helicopter Corp N132AE: USA, ex N31502

State of Texas N440HH: Memorial Hermann Hospital, noted 2000, B2 type

cfs air llc N238BK: CFS Air Aug08-Jan13

State of Arizona N238BK: Native Air; 22jan12 pictured as /Native20 at Phoenix De+

Air Methods N238BK: Air Methods from Feb13

State of Missouri N238BK: St. Louis Childrens Hospital (SLCH) at St. Louis, MO, +

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