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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    7140 bk117b1 1988     N117AM: BK117-850D2 Air Methods Corp 2009, B2 type; conv to 850D2?
    Eurocopter USA N216AE: American Eurocopter, test serial D-HBDI

    - N90260: to N117AM
    7051 bk117a1 1985     N117CJ: Ge Business Financial Services Inc at Danbury, CT from Aug0+
    - N44932: USA, test serial serial D-HBMZ

    State of Pennsylvania N117CJ: STAT MedEvac /Angel Two
    7027 bk117a1 1984     N117LC: Air Methods Corp from Mar10
    State of Pennsylvania N39257: USA, test serial D-HBMB

    CJ Systems Aviation Group at West Mifflin, PA

    Jun88, conv to Bk117A3 type

    STAT MedEvac
    7065 bk117a1 1986     N125EC: Air Methods May10-Apr11?, 117A-4 type; Apr14 expired
    - N155BK: N165BK, N65MH ntu; USA, test serial D-HBNM

    - N155SC: Merrill Lynch Business Financial Services Inc at Chicag+

    - N125EC: GE Business Financial Services Inc at Danbury, CT Aug08+
    7234 bk117b1 1991     N136AE: Air Methods, canc Mar12
    Canadian Ambulance Services C-FMBU: STARS from Mar12, B2 type
    7154 bk117b1 1988     N154AM: Air Methods from Sep08, 117B2 type; Jul19 still
    State of Pennsylvania N7059N: USA, test serial D-HBDW

    SC Capital Corp XI Llc at New Hope, PA

    AHN LifeFlight

    State of Illinois N154AM: Lifestar Chicago, op by Air Methods; pictured
    7141 bk117b1     N155SC: Air Methods from Aug13
    MBB Helicopter Corp N90263: MBB Corp, test serial D-HBDJ

    State of Nebraska N911VU: StarCare at Lincoln, NE by 1994, op by ?, pictured (p+

    CFS Air N124AM: CFS Air Llc at Danbury, CT Sep06-Aug13

    State of Illinois N124AM: Lifestar, op by Air Methods

    State of Nebraska N155SC: StarCare at Lincoln, NE, op by Air Methods by 2014, pic+
    7063 bk117a3     N163BK: BK117-850D2 Air Methods, test serial D-HBNK; conv to A-4; conv to 850D+
    7217 bk117b1 1990     N170MC: Air Methods Mar15-Jan20
    - N7161S: test serial D-HFDH

    Omniflight N170MC: Omniflight Helicopters at Addison, TX Jun02-Mar15

    State of Florida N170MC: Orlando Health at Orlando, FL; Orlando Regional Medical+

    5 State Helicopters N170MC: 5-State Helicopters Inc at Fate, TX from Jan20
    7238 bk117b1 1991     N238BK: Air Methods from Feb13
    MBB D-HMBN: MBB, test serial D-HFIC

    MBB Helicopter Corp N132AE: USA, ex N31502

    State of Texas N440HH: Memorial Hermann Hospital, noted 2000, B2 type

    CFS Air N238BK: CFS Air Aug08-Jan13

    State of Arizona N238BK: Native Air; 22 pictured as /Native20 at Phoenix Deer Va+

    State of Missouri N238BK: St. Louis Childrens Hospital (SLCH) at St. Louis, MO, +
    7211 bk117b1 1989     N250KF: Air Methods from Mar14
    MBB Helicopter Corp N8194S: MBB Dec89, test serial D-HFDB

    Omniflight N117VU: Omniflight Helicopters Inc at Addison, TX by 2003; N21+

    State of Tennessee N117VU: Vanderbilt LifeFlight

    Omniflight N250KF: Omniflight Helicopters Inc at Addison, TX Feb03-Mar14

    State of Missouri N250KF: St Louis children's hospital (SLCH) /KidsFlight 2; not+
    7215 bk117b1 1989     N270SL: Air Methods from Feb13

    MBB Helicopter Corp N8195G: MBB Corp, to N33038

    State of Texas N220HH: Memorial Hermann Hospital System at Houston, TX

    CFS Air N220HH: CFS Air at Danbury, CT Mar08-Apr09 conv to 117B2 type

    State of Florida N270SL: Orlando Health Air Care Team by Jun10, op by CFS; /Airc+

    State of Pennsylvania N270SL: Conemaugh Health System by Jun16, op Air Methods; Life +

    Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) by Jan17 as backup +

    02feb20 at CMH (?) Hospital
    7143 bk117b1 1988     N335AM: Air Methods Jul08-2010
    MBB Helicopter Corp N417BK: MBB Corp May88, test serial D-HBDL

    State of Tennessee N105VU: Vanderbilt LifeFlight 1988-?, to N335AM
    7169 bk117b1 1989     N365CH: Air Methods from Aug13
    MBB Helicopter Corp N5194C: MBB, test serial D-HBHL; N910LN ntu

    - N365CH: SC Capital Corp XI Llc at New Hope, PA Oct07; Seacap Le+
    7158 bk117b1 1989     N440SL: Air Methods Corp from May10
    MBB Helicopter Corp N193CK: MBB, test serial D-HBHA

    - N193BK: USA, to N440SL

    State of Missouri N440SL: ARCH Air Medical Service /Arch4

    - N440SL: Dec17-Feb18 for sale Eurocopter BK-117 1989; Heater / +
    7036 bk117a1     N485UH: Air Methods from May10, Bk.117A-4 type; Air Methods Kentucky
    MBB D-HMBK: MBB, to N4493W

    - N4493W: to N118HH

    - N118HH: to N128HH

    - N128HH: Life Star Hardford Hospital, to N485UH

    State of North Carolina N485UH: EastCare (Vidant Health), noted 2004
    7139 bk117a4 1987     N550SL: Air Methods May10-Aug11
    MBB D-HBDH: MBB toward ZS-XBX

    - ZS-XBX: ex D-HBDH toward ZS-HUU

    - ZS-HUU: JCI Ltd late 1980s to early 90s; ex ZS-XBX to N550SL

    State of Missouri N550SL: St John’s MedFlight of Joplin, MO

    Op by Air Methods; 21may11 damaged by Tornado at St Joh+

    22may11 Joplin, Missouri. Helicopter was destroyed on g+

    Helicopters Otago ZH-HQI: Otago Regional Rescue from Aug12, BK117B-2 type

    Jan20 repaired. Amazing how they can repair a helicopte+
    7230 bk117b1 1990     N612AM: Air Methods May10-Jan15, B-2 type
    MBB Helicopter Corp N6593M: MBB Sep99, test serial D-HFDU

    - N17SJ: USA, to N61LF

    - N61LF: GE Business Financial Services Inc at Danbury, CT Apr0+

    State of New York N636MC: Mercy Flight Central at Canandaigua, NY from Jan15
    7163 bk117b1 1989     N624AM: Seacap Leasing Associates II Llc at Fort Lauderdale, FL Jun/+
    MBB Helicopter Corp N5188B: MBB Corp, test serial D-HBHF

    - N62LF: SC Capital Corp XI Llc at New Hope, PA, Bk117B2 type
    7143 bk117b1 1988     N64UP: Air Methods 2010 ?
    MBB Helicopter Corp N417BK: MBB Corp May88, test serial D-HBDL

    State of Tennessee N105VU: Vanderbilt LifeFlight 1988-?, to N335AM
    7130 bk117a4 1988     N880SL: Air Methods from Dec09
    MBB Helicopter Corp N9022Z: MBB, test serial D-HBCY

    State of New York N3PD: SCPD Suffolk County Police 1990s

    Air Methods Corp D-HHTD: Heli Transair at Egelsbach airport 2001-Sep02, BK117B+

    - N6040N: USA Sep02-?

    CFS Air N880SL: CFS Air

    State of Missouri N880SL: ARCH Air Medical Service Inc at Englewood, CO Aug08-Dec+
    7134 bk117a4 1987     N9024Z: Air Methods Mar10-May15
    State of Pennsylvania N9024Z: USA from Dec87, test serial D-HBDC

    Suntrust Leasing at West Mifflin, PA

    STAT MedEvac

    WPAHS AHN LifeFlight

    - HK-5137: Colombia from May15
    7237 bk117b1 1991     N911KD: Air Methods Apr10-Jan15
    Eurocopter Germany D-HMBL: Eurocopter, test serial D-HFIB

    - N3152E: USA, to N134AE

    - N134AE: USA, to N405MA

    - N405MA: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee; N990SL ntu

    Airwork NZ ?: New Zealand 2015; conv to BK117-850D2 ?

    - CP-3039: Skyplus Ltda, Bolivia 117B-2?
    7098 bk117a3 1986     N911MZ: Air Methods from Mar15, Bk117A4 type
    MBB Helicopter Corp N524MB: MBB, test serial D-HBPS

    - N117UC: USA, to N911MZ

    Omniflight N911MZ: Omniflight Helicopters

    State of Georgia N911MZ: LifeStar Georgia Air Ambulance as /LifeStar1; Apr15 h+

    - N911MZ: Dec17-Feb18 for sale Eurocopter BK-117A-4 1986; Heater +

    - -: to NZ as unk ?

    AERO Building Germany, MUN as training helicopter by Ma+
    7253 bk117b2 1998     N911SM: Air Methods Jan10-Jul16
    State of Minnesota N911SM: St Marys Medical Center at Duluth, MN; Mayo One ?

    State of New York N911SM: Mercy Flight Central Holding Llc at Canandaigua, NY fro+
    7232 bk117b1 1991     N911SX: Air Methods Corp Apr09-Mar14; to New Zealand as unk
    MBB Helicopter Corp N3063G: MBB Corp, test serial D-HFDW; N117SU ntu

    - N911SU: USA, to N411MA

    - N411MA: USA, to N770SL

    - N770SL: USA, to N911SX

    - VH-XWC: Heli Holdings Ltd at Auckland, New Zealand from , op by+
    7174 bk117b1 1988     N912TG: Air Methods from Sep11
    MBB D-HBHQ: MBB, to N7060N

    MBB Helicopter Corp N7060N: MBB USA, to N911TG

    - N911TG: to N912TG

    State of Florida N912TG: TGH, op by Air Methods
    7057 bk117a1 1986     N990SL: Air Methods Aug11-Oct17
    MBB D-HBNE: MBB, N157BK ntu, A-3 type ?

    - N911KD: US Bancorp Equipment Finance Inc

    State of Washington N990SL: Soloy Helicopters Llc at Wasilla, AK Oct/Dec 2017

    - N990SL: JC Aircraft Leasing Llc at Wasilla, AK from Dec17, Bk11+

    State of Alaska N990SL: Alaska Forest Service; Jul18 Division of Forestry Kena+

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