MBB Bo105



The first prototype never flew, when in August 1966 damaged when taxiing. First flight with second prototype bo105a was 16feb67.

List of Operators of MBB Bo105A

From Organisation with model Bo105A
germany MBB
    Bo105 1967/92
germany ADAC Luftrettung
    Bo105 1970/07
germany Landespolizei
    Bo105 1971/06
argentina Policia Federal Argentina
    Bo105 8 1972/16
spain Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra
    Bo105 73 1980/   
germany Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
    Bo105 1992/??
south korea Sejin aviation
    Bo105 3 2012/   

germany Bundesministerium des Innern
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Construction Numbers

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V1 1966 DE D-HAKO : MBB w/o aug66 while taxiing, never flown.
destroyed in ground tests
V2 DE D-HECA : MBB Bo105 prototype f/f 16feb67
V4 DE D-HAPE : MBB fourth prototype; to German Army as 98+32; back to +
DE 98+32 : Present at Paris Air Show, 9 Jun 1979
HEER, rtn to D-HAPE
V5 DE D-HAPI : MBB toward N197R
US N197R : ex D-HAPI w/o jun70
S-1 1970 DE D-HABV : MBB Feb70; conv to Bo.105C; 1970 noted with folded rot+
20apr74 pictured (pic1) after distance record of 1715 k+
Ophelia noted at Paris Air Show, Le Bourget, France
DE D-HTSB : Eurocopter Germany; Mar11 at Garching; canc
DE D-HABV : 21mar17 seen stored at Bonn-Hangelar. D-HABV on the tai+
S-2 DE D-9573 : MBB, reser D-HMBL, 98+07; conv Bo.105C, to Spain
ES HE.15-6 : ET-137. gate guardian Colmenar Viejo
S-3 1970 DE D-HECV : MBB 1970
US N1149B : Boeing Vertol 1970-1972; used in FAA certification, pi+
DE 98+08 : Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB) , test+
DE D-HEBV : DLR Flugbetrieb; w/o 14may95 near Uenglingen. 2 fatalit+
S-4 1970 DE D-HMBB : MBB
DE D-HMBB : preserved in Hirschaid, Germany
Jan19 stored private in Hirschaid, Germany
S-5 DE D-HILF : ADAC /Christoph1; w/o 17aug71 hit tail rotor at Münch+
S-7 DE D-HBWB : MBB, to West Germany as D-9574
DE D-9574 : Jun73 as /18 at Paris Air Show 1973; to 98+09
DE 98+09 : Bundeswehr Technical Establishment; to 82+89
DE 82+89 : Heer, to Spanish Army
ES HE.15-7 : ET-133. w/o during traiing flight. (Cap. Lorenzo and L+
S-9 1971 DE D-HMTU : MBB, conv to Bo105C
DE D-HBSI : Polizei Bayern from Nov71; noted; 25feb11 canc
S-10 1971 DE D-HMUC : Polizei Bayern; noted date unk; w/o 1986 destroyed by t+
S-11 1971 DE D-HBGS : 105cbs-5 BMI; type:CBS-5 Christoph 3
type:CBS-5 Christoph 37
DE D-HBGS : 105cbs-5 Heli Aviation from 2009 type:CBS-5
S-12 1971 DE D-HMDI : MBB cnvt. to C
105c MBB toward D-HGSA
DE D-HGSA : BMI type:Bo105C ex D-HMDI
105cbs-5 type:Bo105CBS-5 at Eurocopter for conversion to CBS-5
type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 3
Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9602
KR HL9602 : Sejin; Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSA
S-13 1971 DE D-HGSB : BMI Luftrettung 1973-2008; conv to 105C; conv to 105CB+
CH HB-ZJF : Skymedia AG from Jul09; Red Bull Air Race support helic+
01jul11 at Zeltweg, Austria
Bo105S type, at heliport
S-14 1971 DE D-HGSC : 105c BMI; cnvt. to CBS-5 year 19..
105cbs-5 Dec07 type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 7
Dec12 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9603
KR HL9603 : Sejin; Dec12 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSC
S-17 DE D-HILF : Katastrophenschutz/BGS ambulance, conv to 105C; w/o 31d+
S-18 1972 AR LQ-LAP : PFA. Bo105A d/d 1972 PF-01, H-1; test serial D-HDAA; 1+
S-19 AR LQ-LAR : PFA. Bo105A d/d 1972. also D-HDAB, PF-02, H-2. w/o 29di+
S-24 AR LQ-LAS : PFA H-3, Bo105A d/d 1972, Ret 1997, MBB serial D-HDAG
Oct12 pictured preserved as gate guardian for CFA (Cuer+
S-30 AR LQ-LAT : Bo105A; PFA d/d 1972 H-4/PF-5, ex D-HDAL; wfu by 2002
S-39 DE D-9582 : MBB reser D-HDAQ, 98+11, 82+9?; conv to Bo.105C
ES HE.15-9 : ET-136
S-53 1972 AR LV-LGR : Argentine Government Health Ministery ( Ministerio de S+
S-54 AR LV-LGS : Ministerio de Bienestar Social (Health Ministery) from +
24 C/N.