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    germany ADAC Luftrettung

    ADAC Air Rescue

    1970 to 2007

    ADAC Luftrettung Bo105

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1996/99Christoph 16 (ADAC) Saarbrucken Winterberg-Kliniken Heliport
    1992/01Christoph 31 (ADAC) Universitaetsklinikum Berlin
    1990/97Christoph Hansa (ADAC) BG Klinikum Hamburg-Boberg
    1985/03Christoph 30 (ADAC) Stadtischen Klinikum Wolfenbuttel
    1982/03Christoph 25 (ADAC) JSK Siegen
    1981/02Christoph 20 (ADAC) Klinikum Bayreuth
    1980/81Christoph 11 (ADAC)Villingen - Schwenningen
    1970/75Christoph 1 (ADAC)Klinikum Harlaching

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    S-672 105cbs-2     D-HEIM: ADAC Luftrettung Aug87-Jun00
    MBB D-HDUN: MBB, to N4573T

    - N4573T: 1987-1992, rtn to Germany

    TAF Helicopters EC-HPB: TAF Helicopteros, noted Oct08, conv to CBS-4 type

    DAP Helicopteros CC-ACN: DAP/PIVCEVIC 2011
    S-861 105cbs-4 1991     D-HELM: ADAC from 1991 to 2007 toward ZS-PWA
    - ZS-PWA: ex D-HELM; to Malaysia

    - 9M-LLE: ex ZS-PWA; wfu
    S-615 105cbs-2     D-HEMS: ADAC Luftrettung May83-Dec02
    TAF Helicopters EC-IKT: TAF Helicopteros, noted Dec03, conv to cbs-4 type

    DAP Helicopteros CC-AEI: DAP/PIVCEVIC 2011
    S-848 105cbs-4 1990     D-HGAB: ADAC ex D-HFHF; Christoph 20
    MBB D-HFHF: MBB toward D-HGAB

    Titan Helicopter Group ZS-PVZ: THG ex D-HGAB from 2007 toward 9M-LLS in 2010

    Layang Layang Aerospace 9M-LLS: Layang Layang Aerospace ex ZS-PVZ from 2010
    S-661 105cbs-2 1983     D-HGYN: ADAC 1983-2003
    TAF Helicopters EC-IKO: TAF/RACC, conv cbs-4 type

    DAP Helicopteros CC-AEJ: DAP/PIVCEVIC
    S-625 105s 1983     D-HHBG: cnvt. to CBS-4 ADAC in 2000
    S-5 105a     D-HILF: ADAC /Christoph1; w/o 17aug71 hit tail rotor at München-Al+
    S-868 105cbs-4 1991     D-HILF: preserved monument at Munich Airport
        D-HLEB: 2006 preserved
        D-HLFB: ADAC Luftrettung from 1994; w/o 20jan03 /Christoph19 crashed+
    MBB D-HMBM: MBB Demonstrator, test serial D-HFHZ

    Eurocopter USA N3203K: American Eurocopter 1992

    Eurocopter Germany D-HLFB: Eurocopter Germany 1993, conv 105CBS-5
    S-612 105s     D-HOFF: Christoph-19 based at Uelzen. w/o 20nov99 near Broeckhoefe, +
    - N4573T: preserved as N4573T
    S-867 105cbs-5 1991     D-HUHN: ADAC original built as Bo105CBS-4 from 2000 to 2007
    S-871 105cbs-5     D-HUPE: ex N4346G; to ADAC Germany
    - D-HFNC: to D-HMBL

    - D-HMBL: ex D-HFNC; to USA

    - N4346G: ex D-HMBL; to N4346G Jun 1992 to Sep 1993; to Germany

    - ZS-PWE: ex D-HUPE; to Malaysia

    - 9M-LLG: ex ZS-PWE

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