germany HSD Luftrettung

Founded 1985
HSD = Hubschrauber Sonder dienst = helicopter special service
From 2008 a subsidiary of DRF.

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Christoph Dortmund (HSD)2003 2011
    Christoph Niedersachsen (HSD)1995 --
    Christoph Sachsen-Anhalt (HSD)1991 --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Halle OppinChristoph Sachsen-Anhalt (HSD) 1991/   
   Hannover LangenhagenChristoph Niedersachsen (HSD) 1995/   

Model Types

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  EC EC14522010
  MBB bk117220032011
  Mc.D.D MD900 Explorer319962011
  Bell 222519872008

List of Aircraft

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EC145 9063 2004D-HDER : HSD Feb/May 2012
EC145 9055 2004D-HDPP : HSD; Oct11 Christoph Niedersachsen
EC145 9038 2003D-HDRR : HSD (DRF) 2012
222 47085 D-HHSD : Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst, Germany; ambulance; w/o 06jun92 cras ...
222 47064 D-HHSE : HSD; w/o 08dec95 crashed near Ahrensdorf. 3 fatalites
222B 47139 1983D-HHSM : Hubschrauber-Sonder-Dienst 1987-Jun08
: 13oct95 HSD visit Antwerp
MD900 Explorer 900/00029 1996D-HITH : HSD from 2004
: w/o 11mar05 crashed during take off due heavy side wind at Hannov ...
BK117B-2 7251 1995D-HJJJ : HSD from mid 2008
: Jun09 Christoph Sachsen-Anhalt
MD900 Explorer 900/00036 1996D-HMDX : HSD 2004-2011
222B 47142 1983D-HNIC : Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst 1987-jun08
MD900 Explorer 900/00026 1995D-HSDD : HSD 1996-2010
222B 47153 1985D-HTIM : Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst 1987-jun08
222 47052 D-HVUM : HSD Jun92-?

13 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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