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  • McDonnell Douglas MD900 Explorer

    c/n 900/00036

    Year 1996

    Helicopter McDonnell Douglas MD900 Explorer Serial 900/00036 Register D-HMDX N9198Y used by Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter Flugservice GmbH (air lloyd german helicopter flight service) ,HSD Luftrettung Christoph Niedersachsen (HSD) ,ADAC Luftrettung ADAC Christoph Hansa (ADAC) ,MD Helicopters MDHI. Built 1996. Aircraft history and location


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    usa MD Helicopters

    1996AKFFZMD Helicopters, to D-HMDX


    germany ADAC Luftrettung


    ADAC 1997-2004
    1997-07BBG Klinikum Hamburg-BobergNoted at Hamburg-Boberg Christoph Hansa (ADAC)
    2002-04-20CEDKBNoted at Bonn-Hangelar Christoph Hansa (ADAC)
    2002-04-27DEDDHNoted at Hamburg Christoph Hansa (ADAC)
    2003-03-06EBGUKLNoted at Ludwigshafen Christoph Hansa (ADAC)
    2003-04-20FAKHGNoted at the Harburg ground level pad Christoph Hansa (ADAC)
    2004-04-24DEDDHNoted at Hamburg Christoph Hansa (ADAC)
    germany HSD Luftrettung


    HSD 2004-2011
    2004-08-25GEDAQNoted in HSD paintwork at Halle Oppin
    2005-05-21HEDDVNoted at Langenhagen Christoph Niedersachsen (HSD)
    2006-04-06IEVKHNoted at Holzminden Christoph Niedersachsen (HSD)
    2008-05-15BBG Klinikum Hamburg-BobergNoted at Hamburg-Boberg pad Christoph Niedersachsen (HSD)
    2010-10-30JEDVKNoted in HSD colour scheme at Calden
    germany Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter Flugservice GmbH


    Air Lloyd from 2011
    2020-05-28CEDKBnoted at Bonn

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