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Mesa, Arizona

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1.2 5 Boeing Mesa, Arizona
9.5245AZ66 Mesa General Hospital Heliport, Arizona
12.722669AZ MCSO Heliport, Arizona
18.2158KIWA Williams Gateway, Arizona
21.8242 Kiwanis Park, Arizona
21.9273P18 Papago Army Heliport, Arizona

1941 to present

33 27 36.51 secs N - 111 43 39.82 secs W
6.5 mile NE of Mesa, AZ
Elevation: 1394 feet

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List of units at Falcon Field

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1995/    MESAPD
1984/99McDonnell Douglas Helicopter
MDHI Arizona

News about this location

First Flight of VHA 206L Composite Rotor Blades, 08-Feb-17 : Van Horn Aviation (VHA) achieved first flight of composite 206L main rotor blades during the test session at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ. FAA certification expected by the end of 2017

List of aircraft and events at Falcon Field

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By Date | By Serial

1990 mcdonnell douglasMD369E / MD500EN1608A
1990 mcdonnell douglasMD369E / MD500EN1608B
1993-mar-19 AS350D AstarN5797T
1995 MD HelicoptersMD520NN91970
1995 MD HelicoptersMD900 ExplorerN9094T
1996 MD HelicoptersMD900 ExplorerN91960
1996 MD HelicoptersMD900 ExplorerN92047
1996 MD HelicoptersMD900 ExplorerN91997
1996 MD HelicoptersMD900 ExplorerN9125N
1996 MD HelicoptersMD900 ExplorerN9132N
1996 MD HelicoptersMD900 ExplorerN9198Y
2000 MD HelicoptersMD902 ExplorerN7068V
2000 MD HelicoptersMD902 ExplorerN7047K
2000-may-11 AS350B2 EcureuilN851HW
2003-oct-02 MD500EN505MP
2003-oct-17 MD369E / MD500EN503MP
2003-oct-22 AS350B3 EcureuilN971AE
2003-nov-04 UH-1E IroquoisN266ET
2004-feb-19 AS350B3 EcureuilN971AE
2004-jul-12 CH-54A TarheN164AC / 730
2004-jul-17 AS350B3 EcureuilN585AE
2004-sep-27 MD500EN505MP
2005-jan-01 MD369E / MD500EN503MP
2005-jun-30 CH-54A TarheN154AC
2005-nov-02 MD900 ExplorerN902LH
2006-mar-01 CH-3BN1048Y
2006-jun-01 MD369E / MD500EN503MP
2008 MD HelicoptersMD902 ExplorerN40216
2012-jan-01 MD600NS2-AFZ
2012-nov-29 MD369E / MD500EN504MP
2015-feb-01 MD600NN416M
2015-nov-13 429WLGC-FCPF
2017-jan NAS332C Super PumaPK-PUH,?

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