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Mesa, Arizona


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1.2185KFFZ Falcon Field, Arizona
7.6151AZ92 Banner Baywood Medical Center Heliport, Arizona
10.2239AZ66 Mesa General Hospital Heliport, Arizona
13.622369AZ MCSO Heliport, Arizona
16.523666AZ Banner Desert Medical Center Heliport, Arizona
19.3160KIWA Williams Gateway, Arizona

1982 to present

33° 28' 15'' N - 111° 43' 35'' W
0.5nm N of Falcon Field
Elevation: 1375 feet

History of this Location

Built by Hughes Helicopters and opened in 1982, it became part of McDonnell-Douglas around 1984, when the first AH-64A Apaches were produced. The Mesa plant transferred to Boeing when it acquired McDD Helicopters in 1997.
As well as Apache production and re-manufacturing, by 2011 the Mesa plant was producing electrical wiring looms for the F-15. F/A-18 and C-17 programmes and its composite center was producing Apache main rotor blades and significant composites for Boeing A160T Hummingbird, F/A-18, E/A-18G Growler, P-8A and 787 Dreamliner.

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List of units at Boeing Mesa

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1984/99McDonnell Douglas Helicopter

Boeing Mesa News

First Apache Delivered to Indian Air Force, 12-May-19 : #Apache Boeing and Indian Air Force held ceremony at Mesa, AZ for the formal reception of the first AH-64E(I) Guardian Apache for the IAF. Scheduled to arrive to India next July

List of aircraft and events at Boeing Mesa

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1990 mcdonnell douglasMD369E / MD500EN1608A
1990 mcdonnell douglasMD369E / MD500EN1608B
1998-sep-25 1st flightUK Army Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ166
1999 Boeing HelicoptersWAH-64 ApacheN3065U
2011 Boeing HelicoptersH-6N106HX

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