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  • france Babcock France


    Part of Babcock, established 2016 after acquisition of AVINCIS INAER. Based at Le Cannet-des-Maures (LFMC)


    Babcock Delivers First SAR H160 to French Navy, 22-Sep-22 : #H160 The first of six interim search and rescue (SAR) Airbus H160B was delivered by Babcock to the French Navy. These helicopters will fill the gap for national missions replacing AS365 awaiting the delivery of the H160M Guépard from 2027

    Babcock France Approved for H145D3 Maintenance, 24-Jan-22 : #maintenance Babcock France received European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part CAMO and 145 approvals for maintenance of the new Airbus H145D3 5-bladed rotor helicopters

    Two More H160 for French Navy SAR, 22-May-21 : #H160 Two additional H160 (making 6) will be leased from Babcock for Search and Rescue (SAR) from May 2022 based at Lanveoc-Poulmic naval air station (Britany), Cherbourg airport (Normandy) and Hyères naval air station (Provence) as interim helicopters pending arrival of H160M

    Model Types

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      AH H145 / BK117D32022
      AH H145 / EC145T22019

    List of Aircraft

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    H160 1020 F-HBQN : Babcock France, test serial F-WMXX
    EC135T2+ 0664 2008F-HBTN : Irish Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd at Dublin from Mar16; Babcock MCS ...
    EC135T2+ 0836 2010F-HCHT : Babcock Mission Critical Services France 2016
    H135 / EC135T3 1260 2017F-HLNA : Babcock MCS France from Jun17
    H135 / EC135T3 1263 2017F-HLNO : Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd, Dublin, Ireland from Nov17
    : Babcock Mission Critical Services France from Nov17
    H160 1008 F-HMRE : Babcock France, test serial F-WWOA
    H145 / EC145T2 20262 2019F-HSIB : Babcock MCS France from Jul19, test serial D-HCBZ
    H145 / EC145T2 20269 2019F-HSIC : Babcock MCS France from Jul19
    H145 / EC145T2 20295 F-HSIF : Babcock MCS France from Mar20, test serial D-HCBU
    H145 / EC145T2 20022 2014F-HSIK : Babcock MCS France from Nov20, lsd TVPX for SAMU
    EC145 9300 2009F-HSOC : Babcock MCS France from Jul21
    : noted in SAMU 35 marks.
    EC145 9205 2008F-HSOM : noted in SAMU 35 marks.
    : noted in SAMU 35 marks.
    : Babcock MCS France from May17, lsd Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing ( ...
    EC145 9189 2008F-HSOV : Babcock Mission Critical Services France from Oct17
    EC145 9271 2010F-HSOX : Babcock MCS France from Jan18
    H145 / BK117D3 21076 2021F-HSUB : Babcock International France Aviation from Dec21, test serial D-H ...
    H145 / BK117D3 21086 2021F-HSUE : Babcock International France Aviation from Jan22; Babcock MCS Fra ...
    H145 / BK117D3 21089 2021F-HSUF : Babcock International France Aviation from Jan22 Babcock MCS Fran ...
    H145 / BK117D3 21091 2022F-HSUG : Babcock MCS France from Mar22, for SAMU
    H145 / BK117D3 21093 2022F-HSUH : Babcock MCS France Mar22, test serial D-HBKC
    H145 / BK117D3 21115 2022F-HSUI : Babcock MCS France from Mar22, lsd LCI
    EC135T2+ 0810 2009F-HTLN : Babcock MCS France from Mar14, lsd Iris Helicopter Leasing Ltd
    H160 1016 F-HTNS : Babcock France, test serial F-WWOV
    EC135T2+ 0630 2008F-HTPI : Babcock Mission Critical Services France from 29dec15

    23 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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