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  • Eurocopter EC145

    Derived from Bk117

    Eurocopter EC145

    The EC.145, originally known as BK-117C2, is a twin-engine utility helicopter that can carry up to nine passengers with a high rotor clearance and large luggage clamshell doors.

    It was a joint development between MBB from Germany and Kawasaki Heavy Industries from Japan and first flew on June 12, 1999. Launching customer was the French Securite Civile which ordered 32 on 1997 and more than 300 were already sold by 2010

    Airframes with c/n 4... are built by Kawasaki in Japan as Bk117-C2;

    From January 1st, 2014 is known as Airbus Helicopters ec145


    Engine: 2 x Safran Arriel 1E2 738 shp
    Capacity: 2 + 9
    Length: (m) 13
    Height: (m) 3.45
    Blades: 4
    Rotor diam.: (m) 11
    Disc area: (m2) 95
    Weight: (kgs) Empty: 1792     Max: 3585
    Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 246     Max: 268
    Range: (km) 680
    Ceiling: (m) 5240
    Rate/Climb: (m/min) 487

    Derivatives & Versions

    UH-72A Lakota 2007 EADS North America (American Eurocopter) was selected as the winner of the Light Utility Helicopter competition in 2006 for a Commercial-Off-the- ...
    EC145 Stylence 2009 Stylence, a combination of Style and Silence, is a EC145 variant fully-equipped as in-flight office for business executives and companies. After ...
    AAS-72X 2010 Based on the UH-72A Lakota was the American Eurocopter/Lockheed-Martin proposal for the US Army Armed Aerial Scout (AAS) competition. Main conten ...
    EC145 MB 2012 The EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style is the special VIP variant of the EC145 family. Created in a styling project led by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Desi ...
    AH EC145 2014 Post 2014 EC145T1 (c/n 9000...) and EC145T2 (20000...) variants listed here. For airframes built before January 1st, 2014 see Eurocopter EC145 ...

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