Eurocopter Bk117

Derived from MBB Bk117

MBB became part of Eurocopter in mid 1991. Airframes are listed here

it was succeeded by the EC.145

Derivatives & Versions

BK117C-1 1992 Last variant of the MBB/Kawasaki model. Handed over to Eurocopter in 1991
EC145 1999 The EC.145, originally known as BK-117C2, is a twin-engine utility helicopter that can carry up to nine passengers. It was a joint development be ...

List of Operators of Eurocopter Bk117

From Organisation with model Bk117
germany Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
usa American Eurocopter
    500 1992/13
argentina Policia Federal Argentina
    1 1995/   
kenya Everett Aviation ltd
    BK117C-1 1996/   
germany Landespolizei

argentina Gobiernos Provinciales
italy Helitalia SpA
mexico Transportes Aereos Pegaso
united kingdom UK Air Ambulances
Construction Numbers on database of Bk117 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
7504 bk117c-1 1996 DE D-HOTZ : Eurocopter Germany, also D-HMBF and D-HECA; to XA-THG, +
MX XA-THG : Mexico private
IT I-BKBS : Elilario Italia
IT D-HELW : temp serial
UK G-RESC : Sterling Helicopters Jul07-Dec12
UK G-RESC : East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) 2006-2011 based at No+
03aug08 EAAA pictured (top) at Norwich
02aug09 pictured (bot) operated by Sterling for EAAA at+
UK G-RESC : Veritair Nov12-Jul15
Mar14, Now at Redhill with BIH
UK G-RESC : Patriot Aviation Ltd from Jul15
UK G-RESC : May/Nov 2017, sold Eurocopter BK 117C-1 1996; Built S+
7506 bk117c-1 1993 DE D-HMBH : Eurocopter Germany, to N60953
US N911TG : Air Methods / Florida Health Sciences at Tampa, FL
US N911TG : TGH, op by Air Methods, noted 2010
7507 bk117c-1 US N6096U : ex D-HMBG, to D-HDDD
US N271NE : New England Life Flight at Bedford, MA 2003
US N273NE : Boston Medflight (BMF), to N373NE
US N373NE : ex N273NE
7508 bk117c-1 US N4097J : ex D-HMBY, to N117UP
US N117UP : PennSTAR from Jun97
7511 bk117c-1 1995 UK G-LFBA : McAlpine Jul95-Apr97, test serial D-HECU
UK G-DCPA : Devon and Cornwall Police (D&DC) Dec97/Dec10
UK G-DCPA : Veritair Dec10-Aug15, for PSNI
UK G-DCPA : Northern Ireland Police (PSNI) 2011-2015; /Police46
02oct13, based this week in Snowdonia
UK G-DCPA : Patriot Aviation from Aug15
UK G-DCPA : Jul/Nov 2017, sold Eurocopter BK 117C-1 built June 199+
7512 bk117c-1 1995 AR LQ-WJW : PFA Unidad Aeromedica Federal (medevac) H-9; BK-117C1 d+
19oct13 pictured (bot) after train slams into station (+
7513 bk117c-1 1995 AR LV-WNF : Perez Companc Argentina, VIP, test serial D-HMBM; 2004 +
US N486LF : Wachovia Financial Services Inc at Danville, PA Mar07-M+
Wells Fargo Bank NA Jun11-Aug14
US N486LF : Geisinger Health System in Danville, PA from Aug14
7515 bk117c-1 AR LV-WNS : Policia Bonaerense 01nov99 to 01apr00; loan from Provin+
AR LV-WNS : Buenos Aires Province, ex LQ-WNS; 20jun05 pictured (pi+
18jan14 pictured (pic3) at DPA Hangar at La Plata
7519 bk117c-1 BR PT-YRJ : AMIL, AeroMil Taxi Aereo, noted Mar05
KE 5Y-EXG : Everett Aviation Tanzania
7521 bk117c-1 AR LV-WRW : Buenos Aires Province, ex LQ-WRW. nickname El Bonaerens+
18jan14 pictured (bot) at DPA Hangar at La Plata
7522 bk117c-1 RP RP-C2870 : Philippines, reser RP-2870
RP RP-2870 : to 5Y-EXN
KE 5Y-EXN : Everett Aviation, Kenya, noted Oct13
- : Apr15-Mar17, sold Eurocopter BK 117C-1; Very well equip+
ZA ZT-RCM : SAPS Airwing, South Africa from Jun17
7523 bk117c-1 RU RF-32763 : Involved with search and rescue operation at the crash +
7524 bk117c-1 AR LV-ZAC : Aguila del Sur, Argentina
7525 bk117c-1 IT I-AVJF : Elilario Italia; to Ireland unk
KE 5Y-EXI : Everett Aviation Tanzania
UN-334 : United Nations lsd 5Y-EXI; Sep10 Kenya
7526 bk117c-1 DE D-HVEN : Aeroveneta Jan99, reser I-HVEN
IT I-HVEN : Aeroveneta / Elilario Italia 1999-2010
IT I-HVEN : Inaer Italy, noted Mar09
DE D-HBKC : Eurocopter Germany Feb11
KE 5Y-EXL : Everett Aviation
7527 bk117c-1 1998 US N117SU : Stanford Life Flight, ex N5217M, to N811LV
US N811LV : Cfs Air Llc at Danbury, CT May07-Jul13
US N811LV : Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), noted 2011
US N811LV : HeliFleet 2013-1 Llc at Wilmington, DE from Aug13
22aug15 Pocono Speedway air ambulance
7528 bk117c-1 IT I-HBMC : Helitalia
DE D-HDRI : DRF Luftrettung 2012-2015
AT OE-XAR : Air Rescue Austria from Jan16
7530 bk117c-1 1999 DE D-HMBC : Eurocopter Germany May05, test serial D-HBKA
HR 9A-HKB : HIKO Jun05-Oct09
DE D-HAOE : HTM from Nov09
AT D-HAOE : Flymed GmbH Austria /Airmed1 2010, lsd HTM
DE D-HAOE : HTM from 2011; Jun14 still
- : Sep/Dec 2017, sold Eurocopter BK 117C-1 1999; Extremel+
7531 bk117c-1 DE D-HMBB : Eurocopter Germany, to I-HBMS
IT I-HBMS : Helitalia
DE D-HBMS : DRF Luftrettung from 2012
19dec15 as Air Ambulance 02 for offshore emergencies at+
7532 bk117c-1 IT I-MESO : Elilario Italia
7535 bk117c-1 GR SX-HFD : Hellenic Fire Service
7536 bk117c-1 GR SX-HFE : Hellenic Fire Service
7538 bk117c-1 2001 DE D-HMEC : Eurocopter Germany 2001; 2002 to Elilombarda
IT D-HMEC : BK-117C.1 used in Italy as an air ambulance, whilst sti+
UK G-OEMT : Sterling Helicopters Dec05; ex D-HMEC; to Air Ambulance
UK G-OEMT : East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA)- BK-117C.1 ex D-HMEC.+
03aug08 EAAA pictured (top) at Norwich
24apr09 picture operated by Sterling Helicopters on beh+
05dec12 pictured (bot) at Norwich on the trailer being +
UK G-OEMT : No longer operating as an Air Ambulance - stored on beh+
7539 bk117c-1 IT I-DENI : Elilario offshore, noted 2003; EMS 118 Elisoccorso Prov+
IT I-DENI : INAER Italia by 2009; Elisoccorso Provinciale Alto Adig+
DE D-HZOA : Germany from 2016
7540 bk117c-1 IT D-HKAV : Helitalia 2002-2004, reser I-HKAV
IT I-HKAV : Helitalia 2005-2010
DE D-HDRJ : DRF Luftrettung from 2011
AT D-HDRJ : Air Rescue Austria 2011-2013, lsd DRF
DE D-HDRJ : w/o 28feb14 crashed Baltic Sea 2m W of Darß during tra+
7541 bk117c-1 2002 IT D-HSTP : Elilario at Trento, Italy from Dec02
IT I-GSAM : SAM, noted 2007
UA UR-PTV : Ukraine, noted 2010
Oct13-Feb15, sold Eurocopter BK 117C-1 2002. No Damage +
7542 bk117c-1 2003 IT I-AICO : Elilario, test serial D-HZBV; 2003 EMS Alto Adige. Bre+
IT I-AICO : INAER Italia; 2011 as /Pelikan2 for EMS 118 Elisoccor+
DE D-HARK : Heli-Service from Nov15; 2016 on MV Polarstern (8013132+
Mar18 asg German research icebreaker Polarstern on An+
7543 bk117c-1 US N271NE : Boston Medflight (BMF) from Apr03
24jun14 at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)+
7545 bk117c-1 2003 DE D-HMBB : Eurocopter Germany, May04 to D-HDSR
IT D-HDSR : Inaer Italia, noted Dec11
DE D-HDSR : DRF AMB 01; Apr13 pictured during training
7546 bk117c-1 IT I-HDBX : Helitalia, ex D-HDBX, to D-HEEE
7547 bk117c-1 IT I-HDBZ : Helitalia, ex D-HDBZ
AT OE-XAT : Air Rescue Austria from Mar16
7548 bk117c-1 IT D-HDNO : Helitalia
7549 bk117c-1 GR SX-HFH : Hellenic Fire Service; 14sep08 pictured during Archange+
7550 bk117c-1 MX XA-UBN : Pegaso
7551 bk117c-1 MX XA-UBO : Pegaso
7552 bk117c-1 2004 DE D-HNWO : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 2004
16jan14 pictured at Düsseldorf airport
7553 bk117c-1 2004 DE D-HNWP : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 2004
7554 bk117c-1 2004 DE D-HNWQ : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 2004
DE D-HMBU : Eurocopter Germany from 2013
7555 bk117c-1 2004 MX XA-UBP : Pegaso; d/d new; ops. offshore
39 C/N.

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