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Established 1970 in Svendborg, Uni-Fly began with a Hughes 269A, mainly used for crop dusting and fertilising agricultural areas. In 1976 starts flying in Greenland for ice reconnaissance. In 1986 acquired first Eurocopter aircraft, an AS350B1 and in 1998 became world launch customer for the EC120. In 2002 became first helicopter operator to start hoisting people onto wind turbines.


CHC First Flight for Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One, 24-Jan-18 : CHC and UNI-FLY started flying out of Humberside airport to support Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One. A combination of AW139 and AW169 will begin operations next April

CHC Wins Contract for Hornsea Wind Farm, 20-Sep-17 : CHC, with Uni-Fly as a sub-contractor, wins 6-year contract to operate AW139 and AW169 from Humberside to support the first phase of DONG Energy’s Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm

List of Aircraft

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AS350B2 Ecureuil 2843 1995OY-HJC : Uni-Fly A/S 1995-1997
EC120B 1503 2007OY-HJF : Uni-Fly A/S; EC120 launch customer
EC135T2+ 1173 2014OY-HJG : Uni-Fly A/S, test serial D-HCBC
EC120B 1007 1998OY-HJM : Uni-Fly A/S 1998-1999, test serial F-WWPZ
EC120B 1072 2000OY-HJN : Uni-Fly A/S
EC135T2+ 0835 2009OY-HJR : Uni-Fly A/S, test serial D-HTSC
EC135T2 0252 2002OY-HJT : Uni-Fly A/S 2002-2010, test serial D-HECA
269C / 300 S1651 1993OY-HJW : Uni-Fly A/S 1993-2011, test serial N69A
AW169 69073 OY-HOF : Uni-Fly A/S from Apr19, test serial I-EASX; Simona
AW169 69068 OY-HOW : Uni-Fly A/S from Apr18
: 09 offshore transport to windfarm from Humberside, UK
: 13jan09 at Lelystad, Netherlands

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