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Helicopter Travel Munich
Established 1997, HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH is one of the largest helicopter companies in Germany with IFR and Offshore approval as well as its own flying school. As of 2018 operates 25 helicopters at 6 locations flying more than 5000 hour a year in firefighting, heliskiing, offshore wind support, VIP Flights, HEMS Flights, film and photo shoots and more.

Model Types

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  AH H145 / EC145T22017
  AH H135 / EC135T32015
  EC EC135

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    HTM Borkum? --
    HTM Emden? --
    HTM Helgoland? --
    HTM Munich? --
    HTM Nord-Norddeich? --
    HTM Salzburg? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   BorkumHTM Borkum
   EmdenHTM Emden
   HelgolandHTM Helgoland
   NorddeichHTM Nord-Norddeich
   Ottobrun TaufkirchenHTM Munich
   AT SalzburgHTM Salzburg

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