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  • italy Autodromo Nazionale Monza

    Milano, Lombardia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Monza with nearby locations

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    11.0217LIMB Bresso, Lombardia
    16.6196 Politecnico di Milano, Lombardia
    19.3329LILB Alzate Brianza, Lombardia
    19.4183LIML Linate, Lombardia
    19.9207 National Museum of Science and Technology, Lombardia
    21.0278 Saronno, Lombardia

    1922 to present

    45° 37' 14.17'' N - 9° 17' 21.98'' E

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    List of aircraft and events at Monza

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    By Date | By Serial

    1992-sep-13 AB47J I-EDUE
    1996-sep-07 A109C I-MOKE
    1997-sep-07 412 I-AIVO
    1999-sep-12 AS350B3 I-HAVE
    2000-sep-10 AB412 I-AIRR / LI71
    2000-sep-10 AS350B1 I-AIRY
    2000-sep-10 AS350B2 I-REIL
    2000-sep-10 AS350B3 I-HBEP
    2000-sep-10 BK117C-1 I-HBMS
    2000-sep-10 SA365N 3A-MTV
    2001-sep-15 A109A MM81102 / CC-85
    2001-sep-16 AB412 I-GONI
    2001-sep-16 AB412SP I-BRMA
    2001-sep-16 AS350B1 I-FLAO
    2001-sep-16 AS350B3 I-ELIW
    2001-sep-16 AS350B3 I-HOOK
    2001-sep-16 BK117C-1 I-MESO
    2002-sep-15 NH500E MM81272 / 72-09
    2002-sep-15 SA365N I-CIOH / BR 21
    2003-sep-14 AS332C D-HLOG
    2003-sep-14 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2004-sep-12 AW109E I-SFAC
    2005-sep-04 AS332C HB-XVY
    2005-sep-09 A119 I-ELOP
    2005-sep-09 AB212 PS-82
    2006-sep-09 HELOG AS332C HB-XVY
    2006-sep-10 BK117C-1 I-AVJF / LI61
    2009-sep-13 W-3A I-SOKO
    2010-sep-12 EliFriulia EC135T2+ I-WIND
    2011-may-08 AS350B3 I-EGIO
    2011-sep-21 AB212 PS-102
    2018-sep AS350B3 I-EDIC

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