usa Connecticut Air And Space Center

Stratford, Connecticut

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0.7183KBDR Sikorsky Memorial Airport, Connecticut
6.8261CT37 Bridgeport Heliport, Connecticut
9.0 14KJSD Stratford Sikorsky Heliport, Connecticut
21.6 461CT2 Yale New Haven Hospital Heliport, Connecticut
22.4 62KHVN Tweed / New Haven, Connecticut
34.2358KOXC Waterbury-Oxford, Connecticut

1998 to present

41° 10' 14.45'' N - 73° 7' 27.83'' W

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Connecticut Air And Space Center News

S-76A Donated to Connecticut Air and Space Center, 06-Apr-16 : United Aero Group of Stratford donated to the Connecticut Air & Space Center a Sikorsky S-76A helicopter previously used by Lider Taxi Aereo in Brazil

List of aircraft and events at Connecticut Air And Space Center

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2011 S-60N807
2014-feb HO5S-1128610
2014-apr H-19B Chickasaw52-7573
2016-apr S-76AN65ML,PT-YDI,
2018-jun H-19B Chickasaw52-7573

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