united kingdom NLB Muckle Flugga Lighthouse

Shetland Islands, Scotland
United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Muckle Flugga with nearby locations

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12.2172EGPW Unst, Scotland
28.1178EG39 Fetlar, Scotland
52.1205EGPM Scatsta, Scotland
87.9261 Clair platform, Offshore UK
107.7 63TER Tern A platform, Offshore UK
109.1 74CD Cormorant A platform, Offshore UK

60° 51' 20.3'' N - 0° 53' 6.46'' W
4nm NW of Saxa Vord
Elevation: 200 feet

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List of units at Muckle Flugga

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Light house Operations

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