germany Nordsee One OWF

Offshore Germany


Satellite and aerial maps of Nordsee One OWF with nearby locations

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14.2283DE01 Alpha Ventus OWF, Offshore Germany
17.3264DE04 Borkum Riffgrund I OWF, Offshore Germany
21.8261DE30 Borkum Riffgrund II OWF, Offshore Germany
39.1214EHNR Riffgat OWF, Offshore Germany
40.8138EDWY Norderney, Niedersachsen
43.6189EDWR Borkum, Niedersachsen

2017 to present

53° 58' 55.19'' N - 6° 49' 4.80'' E
North Sea
ICAO: IATA: Local: DE28

History of this Location

Nordsee One OWF consists of 54 turbines in c 27m of water, spread over 31 sq km, commissioned in 2017, with a remote control centre in Norddeich.

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