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  • united kingdom NGTE Pystock

    Farnborough, Hampshire, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Pyestock with nearby locations

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    1.7088EGLF Farnborough, England
    2.9085 Trenchard House, England
    5.6041EGD54 Frimley Park Hospital, England
    6.0323EGLK Blackbushe, England
    11.9244EGVO RAF Odiham, England
    13.6331 Arborfield, England

    1946 to 2000

    51° 16' 50'' N - 0° 47' 41'' W
    1.5nm WSW of Farnborough
    Elevation: 250 feet

    History of this Location

    Pyestock to the west of Farnborough, was the site of the world leading National Gas Turbine Establishment until 2000.

    The germ of the gas turbine engine was set out in a paper by A A Griffith in 1926 (a gifted British scientist, who also made major contributions in materials science by treating cracks in terms of surface energy budgets). Independently, Frank Whittle was developing his ideas while in the RAF and later at the RAE. Shortage of funds (and frankly, vision) by the Government of the time meant that these were not followed up until it was almost too late to see service in World War II. In 1944 the Government set up a rather unsatisfactory forced collaboration between the two groups at Pyestock but it wasnt until 1946 that the NGTE was properly constituted.

    Many great names in marine and aero engines (Pegasus, Olympus, Trent) were refined through research and testing but as computing power increased, much of the combustion and operation of these engines could be reliably modelled mathematically, without the need for complex, expensive, noisy testing infrastructure and from the mid 1980s, NGTE began an inexorable decline. The site was finally closed by DERA in 2000.

    Although some private research was carried out after its formal closure in 2000, until c 2004, plans for re-developing the site were emerging from c 2005 and it has now been covered by the Cody Technology Park.

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    List of aircraft and events at Pyestock

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    1973 G I AirframeRAF Sycamore 4 XG515

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