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  • united kingdom Bawdsey Manor

    Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Bawdsey Manor with nearby locations

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    7.5241GBFXT Port of Felixstowe, England
    8.0232 off Crane Pier, England
    9.2239 Harwich, England
    9.5248 HMS Ganges, England
    10.8244GBHRW Port of Harwich, England
    11.2002EGVG RAF Woodbridge, England

    1936 to present

    51° 59' 22'' N - 1° 23' 58'' E
    Elevation: 30 feet

    History of this Location

    The isolated Bawdsey estate (built between 1886 and 1895) was sold to the War Department in 1936 and was used as the base for early RDF (later to be known as RADAR) research, development and trials as a means of locating the position of aircraft, to defend the United Kingdom. The RAF air defence Chain Home station is preserved c 0.5nm to the NE of the original Manor building, which was the scientific HQ.

    Following the Bruneval Raid by British Commandos on a German radar station on the French coast in Feb 1942, it was realised that the experimental station at Bawdsey and its scientists and engineers would also be vulnerable to a hostile raid, so the research elements were quickly moved much further inland to Malvern, near the Welsh border.

    A very fine museum of radar development operates from here, and together with the air defence aspects of radar on display at Neatishead in north Norfolk, provide a comprehensive history of radar in the UK.

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    Bawdsey Manor News

    WW2 RAF Bases Today, 16-Nov-19 : #WWII A review of five ex Royal Air Force (RAF) bases that played an important role in the Second World War (WW2) showing what they are used for today

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