Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
New York Shipbuilding , New Jersey 5.3065
Philadelphia Intl , Pennsylvania 5.7248KPHL
Penns Landing Heliport , Pennsylvania 6.0031P72
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Heliport , Pennsylvania 6.53489PN2
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Heliport , Pennsylvania 6.70149PA8
Hahnemann University Hospital Heliport , Pennsylvania 7.50091PS7

  Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

1917 to 1996

39° 53' 27.99'' N     75° 10' 43.00'' W
League Island, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The writing was on the wall for the Yard since 1991, when the US Navy Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommended closure. A legal challenge was mounted which only delayed the inevitable but during those twilight years, it completed a major refit of the USS John F Kennedy. After several re-locations over the years, the Naval Shipyard formally closed for shipbuilding on 26 Sep 1996, although the US Navy still has a presence, through the Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station.

The Yard today has attracted investment as a business development hub.

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List of ships built at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

1937Cruiser Brooklyn class
1945Aircraft Carrier Essex (long hull) class
1945Cruiser Baltimore class
1961Guided-Missile Destroyer Coontz class
1962Assault Carrier Iwo Jima class
1969Landing Ship/Platform Dock Newport class
1970Command ship Blue Ridge class

1937US CL-41 USS Philadelphia Brooklyn class
1944-aug-20US CA-136 USS Chicago Baltimore class
1944-aug-20US CV-36 USS Antietam Essex (long hull) class
1960-mar-6US DDG-44 USS William V. Pratt Coontz class
1960-mar-16US DDG-43 USS Dahlgren Coontz class
1961-aug-19US LPH-3 USS Okinawa Iwo Jima class
1963-mar-16US LPH-7 USS Guadalcanal Iwo Jima class
1964-aug-22US LPH-9 USS Guam Iwo Jima class
1965-jul-31US LPH-10 USS Tripoli Iwo Jima class
1968-feb-3US LPH-11 USS New Orleans Iwo Jima class
1968-feb-3US LST-1179 USS Newport Newport class
1969-jan-4US LCC-19 USS Blue Ridge Blue Ridge class
1969-jan-4US LST-1180 USS Manitowic Newport class
1969-dec-13US LST-1181 USS Sumter Newport class

List of aircraft and events at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

1946-nov-03 USN Essex (long hull) class CVS-45 USS Valley Forge

1951-dec-311952-mar-21 RN Colossus class R51 HMS Perseus

1964-mar-01 USN Casablanca class LPH-6 USS Thetis Bay

1990-oct SLEPUSN Kitty Hawk class CV-64 USS Constellation

1993-sep1995-sep-13 USN John F Kennedy class CV-67 USS John F Kennedy

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