usa New York Shipbuilding

Camden, New Jersey


Satellite and aerial maps of New York Shipbuilding with nearby locations

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3.4331P72 Penns Landing Heliport, Pennsylvania
5.33239PA8 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Heliport, Pennsylvania
5.3245 Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Pennsylvania
6.33251PS7 Hahnemann University Hospital Heliport, Pennsylvania
6.8 3 William Cramp and Sons, Pennsylvania
10.8347PA62 Temple University Heliport, Pennsylvania

39 54 39 secs N - 75 7 20 secs W

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List of ships built at New York Shipbuilding

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1938Cruiser Brooklyn class
1943Aircraft Carrier Independence class
1957Frigate Dealey class
1961Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk class
1962Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams class
1963Guided-Missile Cruiser Leahy class
1967Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) Truxtun class
1967Support Ship Sacramento class

1938US CL-42 USS Savannah Brooklyn class
1938US CL-43 USS Nashville Brooklyn class
1938US CL-46 USS Phoenix Brooklyn class
1942-dec-6US CVL-24 USS Belleau Wood Independence class
1943-apr-4US CVL-28 USS Cabot Independence class
1943-may-22US CVL-27 USS Langley Independence class
1956-feb-4US DE-1027 USS John Willis Dealey class
1956-jul-28US DE-1028 USS Van Voorhis Dealey class
1956-nov-24US DE-1029 USS Hartley Dealey class
1957-mar-9US DE-1030 USS Joseph K. Taussig Dealey class
1960-feb-27US DDG-4 USS Lawrence Charles F. Adams class
1960-may-21US CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk Kitty Hawk class
1960-jun-14US DDG-5 USS Biddle Charles F. Adams class
1960-dec-10US DDG-6 USS Barney Charles F. Adams class
1961-jul-29US DDG-15 USS Berkeley Charles F. Adams class
1961-dec-9US DDG-16 USS Joseph Strauss Charles F. Adams class
1962-may-18US DDG-17 USS Conyngham Charles F. Adams class
1962-jun-28US CG-19 USS Dale Leahy class
1963-apr-6US CG-20 USS Richmond K. Turner Leahy class
1964-dec-19US CGN-35 USS Truxtun Truxtun class
1965-may-29US AOE-2 USS Camden Sacramento class

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