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The first two helicopters squadrons, HU-1 and HU-2, were commissioned 1948 at NAS Lakehurst, NJ with HU-1 moving to North Island, CA and the first training unit, HTU-1, at Ellyson Field, FL. In the 1950s the HS (Anti-submarine) squadrons introduced new revolutionary helicopter types that changed for ever the war at sea. In 1965, HU were redesignated as HC ( Helicopter Combat Support Squadron ) reflecting the more complex missions assigned to them. By the 1970s , small helicopters became so sophisticated that allowed the creation of the HSL squadrons which embark on escort ships. With the new century there was a new redesignation of units after the introduction of the last variants of the SH-60 Seahawk.

Model Types

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  Bell CMV-22B Osprey 2020
  N-G MQ-8C Fire Scout2013
  EC UH-72A Lakota52009
  N-G MQ-8A/B Fire Scout 2006
  SNIA SA330 Puma 1999
  Mc.D.D TH-6B Cayuse619912009
  Sikorsky MH-53E Sea Dragon 1986
  Sikorsky S-70 H-60 1983
  Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion19831995
  Sikorsky RH-53D3019751997
  Bell HH-1N19712009
  Sikorsky RH-53A151971??
  Bell HH-1K Iroquois2719701991
  Bell TH-1L Iroquois4519691983
  Bell UH-1L Iroquois819691983
  Bell 206 1801968
  Bell UH-1B Iroquois19661972
  B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 19642006
  Kaman seasprite 25619622001
  Sikorsky S-61 H-3 35519612009
  Gyrodyne DSN / QH-50 DASH76219601970
  Bell 61719561960
  Sikorsky S-58 H-3438519551970
  Sikorsky S-55 H-1919511957
  Piasecki PV-1819481965
  Sikorsky S-51 / R-5 / H-51946??

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   GU Andersen AFBHSC-25 Island Knights 2005/   
   JP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjōHSM-77 Saberhawks 2012/   
HSC-12 Golden Falcons 2012/   
HSM-51 Warlords 2013/   
   China LakeVX-31 Dust Devils
VX-9 Vampires 1951/   
   MCAS Kaneohe BayHSM-37 Easy Riders 2014/   
   NAS FallonLonghorns
   NAS JacksonvilleHSM-74 Swamp Foxes 2011/   
HSM-72 Proud Warriors 2013/   
HSM-70 Spartans 2009/   
HSM-60 Jaguars 2016/   
   NAS Key WestNAS Key West SAR
   NAS Mayport / McDonald FieldHSM-40 Airwolves 2009/   
HSM-46 Grandmasters 2012/   
HSM-48 Vipers 2014/   
   NAS MeridianNAS Meridian SAR
   NAS NorfolkHSC-26 Chargers 2005/   
HSC-9 Tridents 2009/   
HSC-28 Dragon Whales 2005/   
HSC-84 Red Wolves 2006/   
HM-14 Vanguard 1978/   
HM-15 Blackhawks 2010/   
HM-12 Sea Dragons 2015/   
HSC-7 Dusty Dogs 2011/   
HSC-2 Fleet Angels 2006/   
HSC-22 Sea Knights 2006/   
HSC-5 Nightdippers 2014/   
HSC-11 Dragon Slayers 2016/   
   NAS North IslandHSM-78 Blue Hawks 2012/   
HSC-3 Merlins 2005/   
HSM-71 Raptors 2007/   
HSC-8 Eightballers 2007/   
HSC-21 Blackjacks 2005/   
HS-4 Black Knights 1975/   
HSC-6 Indians 2011/   
HSC-85 Firehawks 2006/   
HSM-75 Wolf Pack 2011/   
HSC-4 Black Knights 2012/   
HSC-15 Red Lions 2012/   
HSM-41 Seahawks 2007/   
HSC-23 Wildcards 2006/   
HSM-73 BattleCats 2007/   
HSM-35 Magicians 2012/   
HSC-14 Chargers 2013/   
HSM-49 Scorpions 2015/   
   NAS Patuxent RiverUSNTPS 1945/   
HX-21 Blackjack 1949/   
VX-1 Pioneers 1970/   
VX-20 Force 1975/   
   NAS Point MuguVX-30 1995/   
VTUAV Maintenance Detachment 2014/   
   NAS Whidbey Island - Ault FieldNAS Whidbey Island SAR
   NAS Whiting FieldHT-8 Eightballers 1973/   
HT-18 Vigilant Eagles 1972/   
HT-28 Hellions 2007/   
   Saufley FieldHT-8 Eightballers 1973/   

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