spain Naval Station Rota

Rota, Andalusia

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3.1147 Rota NB, Andalusia
17.2145 Navantia, Andalusia
22.2137 Carraca Naval Base, Andalusia
28.1 66LEJR Jerez, Andalusia
28.6220 Gulf of Cadiz,
74.1 12LEJU La Juliana, Andalusia

1953 to present

36 38 43 secs N - 6 20 58 secs W
Elevation: 86 feet

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List of units at Rota

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2001/    UHEL Rota
1989/    eslla 010S-70 H-60 1989/   
1973/84eslla 007AH-1G Cobra 1973/84
1972/    eslla 006369HM 1972/   
1966/    eslla 005S-70 H-60 2017/   
S-61 H-3 1966/   
1964/    eslla 003AB212 1974/   
AB204 1965/78
1955/76eslla 002S-55 H-19 1955/76
1954/87eslla 00147 1954/87
AB47 1954/87

News about this location

C-5M Completed Brigades Swap in Afghanistan, 25-Apr-17 : 82 Black Hawk, Apache and Chinook helicopters from 2 U.S. Army Combat Aviation Brigades were flew in and out of Afghanistan from Rota in Spain between March 21 and April 6

Spain 10th Naval Squadron Reaches 50,000 Flight Hours, 11-Dec-15 : The Décima Escuadrilla (Tenth Squadron) of the Spanish Naval Aviation celebrates 50,000 flight hours with their SH-60B Seahawk.

List of aircraft and events at Rota

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By Date | By Serial

1980 US US NavyCH-46A151937
1987-jul-01 AB212 ASWHA18-13
1987-jul-09 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-15 / 01-515
2002-jan-01 AB212 ASWHA18-3 / 01-307
2003-dec-09 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-12 / 01-1012
2006-may-20 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-11 / 01-511
2007-jun-29 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-03 / 01-1003
2007-jun-29 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-11 / 01-511
2007-jun-29 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-16 / 01-516
2009-jul-09 AB212 ASWHA18-7 / 01-311
2009-jul-09 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-02 / 01-1002
2009-jul-09 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-15 / 01-515
2010-dec-09 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-11 / 01-511
2012-nov-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-01 / 01-1001
2012-nov-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-06 / 01-1006
2012-nov-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-09
2012-nov-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-12
2012-nov-01 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-01 / 01-501
2015-nov-19 Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaSH-3D Sea KingHS.9-16

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