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  • spain Navantia - La Cabezuela

    Puerto Real, Andalusia


    Satellite and aerial maps of Navantia with nearby locations

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    5.8112ESSFO Carraca Naval Base, Andalusia
    6.2111 Carraca Naval Base Helipad, Andalusia
    6.2129LESF San Carlos, Andalusia
    14.0324ESROT Rota Naval Base, Andalusia
    17.2325LERT Rota, Andalusia
    21.6021LEHZ Hospital de Jerez, Andalusia

    36° 31' 5'' N - 6° 14' 25'' W
    2.5nm SE of Cadiz

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    List of ships built at Navantia

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    1995Support Ship Patiño class
    2010Support Ship Cantabria class
    2011Corvette Buque de Accion Maritima (OPV)
    2020Support Shipaustralia Supply class (AU)

    1994-jun-22ES A-14 Patiño Patiño class
    2008-jul-21ES A-15 Cantabria Cantabria class
    2009-oct-16ES P-41 Meteoro Buque de Accion Maritima (OPV)
    2010-may-18ES P-42 Rayo Buque de Accion Maritima (OPV)
    2010-oct-6ES P-43 Relampago Buque de Accion Maritima (OPV)
    2011-mar-21ES P-44 Tornado Buque de Accion Maritima (OPV)
    2017-mar-30ES P-45 Audaz Buque de Accion Maritima (OPV)
    2018-nov-24AU A195 HMAS Supply Supply class (AU)

    List of aircraft and events at Navantia

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    2008-jul-21 Marina Cantabria class A-15 Cantabria

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