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    List of Helicopter Operators

    Military Forces
    Royal Bahrain Naval Force
    Royal Bahraini Air Force

    Security Forces
    Bahrain Police

    Aircraft Prefix


    Helicopter Operations

    2017 Exercise Unified Trident

    Bahrain News

    31-Mar-23 - Twenty-Four Refurbished AH-1W Super Cobras for Bahrain #SuperCobra
    16-Mar-23 - Bell 505 Trainers for Bahrain #Bahrain
    20-Feb-23 - Bell Completes Bahrain AH-1Z Program #Bahrain
    23-Oct-21 - First Bahrain Bell AH-1Z Viper #Bahrain
    10-Feb-19 - FMS Contract Awarded for Bahrain’ 12 AH-1Z Viper #MiddleEast
    27-Apr-18 - State Dept Approved AH-1Z FMS Sale to Bahrain
    06-Aug-14 - ALMDS Conducts Maiden Deployment in 5th Fleet AOR
    01-Dec-09 - First UH-60M delivered to Bahrain
    13-Nov-07 - Bahrain Purchases VVIP S-92 Helicopter
    19-Jun-07 - Bahrain UH-60M International Launch Customer

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