usa Air Test and Evaluation Squadron THREE ONE

US Navy

VX-31 Dust Devils
United States Naval Aviation


Air Test and Evaluation Squadron THREE ONE
The Dust Devils, tail code DD, is a evaluation squadron flying different US Navy and US Marine Corps fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters

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List of Aircraft for VX-31
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
31427 UH-1N 158256 : 2007 HH-1N SAR type pictured (pic2) as VX-31 /403 at NAS China Lake, CA; +
State of California N441PA : City of Fresno Police Department , CA from 26oct11
: Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Dept
70-618 sh-60f 163285 : NSAWC aggressor; 2009 VX-31 desert cammo
70-619 sh-60f 163286 : NSAWC aggressor; 2009 VX-31 orange cammo
sh-60f 164089 : 2010 VX-31 /461; Aug11 to AMARG
mh-60s 165759 : 2014 VX-31 /DD-463 red/white livery
mh-60s 165763 : USN; VX-31 /DD-464
mh-60s 166297 : USN; VX-31 /DD-465
55005 UH-1Y 166755 : USMC Y5; 2009 VX-31 /DD-460
US Marine Corps 166755 : 2016 VMX-1 /MV-30
59004 ah-1z 166759 : USMC VX-31
US US Marine Corps
31440 UH-1N 158771 : VX-31
31738 UH-1N 166475 : conv from UH-1N BuNo 160446; /XE; VX-31 /DD; wfu 2006
31669 UH-1N 166476 : conv from UH-1N BuNo 159193; /XE; VX-31 /DD;
29134 ah-1z 166477 : USMC; conv from AH-1W 162549; VX-31; wfu Feb06
29116 ah-1z 166478 : USMC; conv from AH-1W 163933; VX-31; wfu Nov06
UH-1Y 166754 : USMC; 2009 VX-31 /DD-410

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