usa NAS Point Mugu

Point Mugu, California

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10.9 11KCMA Camarillo, California
12.3318KOXR Oxnard, California
58.7 79KVNY Van Nuys Airport, California
62.5100KSMO Santa Monica Municipal, California
66.7 76KWHP Whiteman Airport, California
67.2 76KPAI Barton Heliport, California

1947 to present

34° 7' 5.16'' N - 119° 7' 4.79'' W
Point Mugu, CA
Elevation: 13 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2016/    Coast Guard Air Station Los AngelesHH-65 Dolphin 1987/   
2014/    VTUAVMQ-8C Fire Scout 2014/   
MQ-8A/B Fire Scout 2014/   
1995/    VX-30MQ-8C Fire Scout 2013/   
1988/01HCS-5S-70 H-60 1991/06
HH-1K Iroquois 1988/91
1977/88HAL-5HH-1K Iroquois 1977/88
1974/99VXE-6HH-1N ??/99

News about this location

MQ-8C Fire Scout Concludes Operational Assessment, 01-Dec-15 : The US Navy and Northrop Grumman completed a successful land-based operational assessment (OA) with the unmanned, autonomous helicopter MQ-8C Fire Scout at Naval Base Point Mugu, California

Endurance Demonstration of the MQ-8C UAV, 25-Aug-15 : U.S. Navy MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter demonstrated endurance capabilities with a 10+ hour flight and range out to 150nm/277km flight from Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, CA

MQ-8B Fire Scout on Coast Guard Ship for First Time, 16-Dec-14 : Northrop Grumman, US Coast Guard and US Navy flew the MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned helicopter on the Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Bertholf (WMSL 750) near Los Angeles, Dec. 5, 2014.

First Operational MQ-8C Fire Scout to the US Navy, 03-Dec-14 : First operational Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter was delivered to the US Navy. Will be deploy for flight tests aboard the USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109) this winter.

MQ-8C Fire Scout Prepares for Shipboard Testing, 23-Oct-14 : The UAV Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout successfully completed precision sloped landing tests at Naval Base Point Mugu in preparation for at sea testing


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By Date | By Serial

1987-jul-28 accidentUS NavyUH-1N158255
1989-oct-28 US NavyCH-46A151939
1989-oct-28 US NavyUH-46D153404
1992 US NavyUH-1N158238
1992-oct-10 CH-46A152522
1993-oct-24 H-21BN64606 / 54-4001
2002-apr-19 HH-65 Dolphin6562
2005-oct-23 HH-65 Dolphin6576
2013-oct-31 first fightUS NavyMQ-8C Fire Scout168455
2014-feb-12 first test flightUS NavyMQ-8C Fire Scout168456
2015-aug US NavyMQ-8C Fire Scout168455
2015-nov-20 US NavyMQ-8C Fire Scout168455
2016-mar US NavyMQ-8C Fire Scout168982

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