usa Antarctic Development Squadron SIX

US Navy

VXE-6 : Puckered Penguins
United States Naval Aviation

1955 to 1999    


Antarctic Development Squadron SIX US Navy

Antarctic Development Squadron SIX
Puckered Penguins, tail codes JD, XD, based at Point Mugu California, with the task of support the United States Antarctic Program.

1955-1968 - Air Development Squadron Six ( VX-6 )
1969-1999 - Antarctic Development Squadron Six ( VXE-6 )

VX-/VXE-6 was homeported at then NAS Quonset Point. The ICAO designation for NAS QP was KNCO. When the Navy decommissioned NAS QP, the airfield was renamed Quonset State Airport, and the FAA gave it a new ICAO code.

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1974/99NAS Point MuguKNTD
1956/99AQ McMurdo Station
1955/74Quonset StateKOQU
??/99NZ ChristchurchNZCH


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1955/??S-58 H-34

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