Sikorsky s-58 H-34 in
usa US Navy

Del'd: 385 - 1955 to 1970


  • US Navy s-58 H-34
  • US Navy s-58 H-34

The S-58 was initially known as the HSS-1 Seabat in US Navy service. 3 XHSS-1 were ordered in Jun 1952, probably as a fall back, as the development of the principal competitor (the Bell Model 61 or HSL-1) was proceeding unsatisfactorily. 215 HSS-1s were produced and were known as the SH-34G after the US designation consolidation (or the UH-34G, once the ASW gear was removed). A further 167 HSS-1N (SH-34J/UH-34J) were later produced with poor weather and night operations capability. 10 USN airframes were later transfered to the USAF and converted to base rescue HH-34s.

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