Imperial Beach NOLF Airport

Imperial Beach , California

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Satellite and aerial maps of NAS Imperial Beach / Ream Field with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Brown Field Municipal , California 12.6087KSDM
Naval Base San Diego , California 12.7353USSAN
NASSCO San Diego , California 13.7350
Tijuana , Baja California 13.8102MMTJ
USS Midway Museum , California 17.3340
NAS North Island , California 17.4329KNZY

  NAS Imperial Beach / Ream Field

1917 to present

32° 34' 0.48'' N     117° 6' 50.39'' W
Imperial Beach CA, Imperial Beach, California

On October 1975 was re-designated as Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach and operates as a branch of NAS North Island.

It is known as The Helicopter Capital of the World

April 1961, I was stationed for a short time. I was right out of boot camp, went mess cooking and compartment cleaning. with HS-2 My best friend was a guy named Joe Monte, he was from Boston area, shortly after Sept. I got orders to A school Lakehurst NJ of Aerographers school. After school I got orders to Fallon, Nevada. I remember the Seals coming into eat at 3 am when I was mess cooking. I also had a friend Bleacher.

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  List of units at NAS Imperial Beach / Ream Field

Years Unit
1967/73HC-3107M H-46 Sea Knight,
1967/72HC-5S-58 H-34, Seasprite,
1960/76HS-10S-61 H-3, S-58 H-34,
1956/68HS-8S-58 H-34,
1956/75HS-6S-61 H-3, S-58 H-34, S-55 H-19,
1952/75HS-2S-61 H-3, S-58 H-34, S-55 H-19,
1952/75HS-4S-61 H-3, S-58 H-34, S-55 H-19,
1951/76HC-1S-61 H-3, 107M H-46 Sea Knight, Seasprite, S-58 H-34, S-55 H-19, PV-18,

List of aircraft and events at NAS Imperial Beach / Ream Field

1970 USMC HRS-3 130250
1970 HS-10 SH-3A 152104

1971-mar HC-3 CH-46A 151949

2002-jun-10 SH-60B 162336 / TY-65

2004-nov-22 SH-60B 162329 / TS-00
2004-nov-22 SH-60B 164850 / TX-104
2004-nov-22 SH-60F 164076 / RA-610

2006-nov-17 SH-60B 162329 / TS-04

2010-oct-25 USN MH-60S 165776 / WC-40 Bossbird of Hel

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