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HC-5 Providers

Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Five
Providers, tail code RB, was first established on September 1st, 1967 when splitted from HC-1. In March 1972 was renamed HSL-31 (Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Three One).

On February 1984, HC-5 is reactivated flying the H-46 Sea Knight for vertical replenishment in resupplying ships at sea until 2005 when is redesignated HSC-25 (Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two Five) after transitioning to the MH-60S Seahawk

Aug/Sep 1967, I was in HC-1 when the announcement came out that a new training squadron was to be formed, HC-5. I volunteered, and was on the roll of those first to transfer

When HC-5 was formed (1967) it also had a Minesweeping mission. The squadron had three (3) RH-3As, a converted Sikorsky SH-3A, configured for Minesweeping. Believe the Navy had nine (9) of the RH-3s, the other six (6) were located in Norfolk, VA and Panama City Beach, Florida. We short cruised, out of Long Beach, on the USS Catskill (MCS-1) (Mine Countermeasures Ship). I left the Squadron in 1968 and went to HC-2; the RH-3s were still there when I left.

Who ever wrote this did a great job! I was in HC-1 when they commissioned HC-5 and I as well am a plank owner. I was re-assigned in December of that year to HC-7 and spent the next 2 plus years as a crewman/doorgunner in North SAR. I would love to hookup with other plank owners since I have great memories of those times at Ream Field.nnnPatrick Clark

I am a Plank Owner in HC-5, as I was the Senior Intelligence Officer for HC-1 for the year prior to the HC-1 splint. We were named the Arc Angels at commissioning and commanded by CDR Charles O. Borgstrom, a superior skipper. Our mission was to serve the HC Wing as the RAG (Replacement Air Group), with the prime training mission being the training of Combat Search and Rescue Pilots and Air Crew.

Master Chief told me the RH-3As that had been in HC-7 ended up as SAR helos at Whidbey Island Wash. As an AMS2 I was on HC-7 Det 113 and took the birds to HC-7 via the USS Catskill via Wake Is.

I got to Imperial Beach just after HC-5 was formed and just before the official name change from NAAS Ream Field to NAS Imperial Beach. I trained on the H-2s and RH-3As and was assigned to the Catskill detachment. Before I was involved in too much training on the "mine sweeping" from the air, the big reserve cut back hit. Honestly, not too disappointed in not going. It was pretty damn dangerous just training off Long Beach! Those cable spools would come back in sometimes with major "over runs" or as we fishermen call them, big back lashes!

I was at Imperial Beach in HC1 and later in 1967 transferred to HC5. I am a plank member of HC5.nI did some training with HC1 on a few aircraft carriers. I was E3 when I left HC5 to attend school in Millington, TN in 1968. I went through Aviation Electronic School. Next sent to VQ1 at Atsugi,Japan. Rotated down th DaNang, Vietnam three times for a period of two to three months. Left Navy December 1970 with rank of E5. Used GI bull to obtain an Electrical Engineering Degree.n Charles Brewer Jr.

Oct68, I checked into HC-5 and was assigned to the electronics shop as an ATAN and within a month I was an AT3. We were mostly using UH2-Cs but still had some A/B models plus an H-19 and an H-34 and a couple of H3s - 1 SH-3 and 1 RH-3. Our tail codes by then were TD, which I remember very clearly as we had to make radio checks on radio gripes using TD and the number of the A/C. I qualified as an Aircrewman just before I left the squadron in October 1969. I made two 2 week deployments on the USS Providence during that year for missile exercises. We delivered mail and provided medevac for a heart attack victim and later a hand injury.

Jan69, The Minesweepers were transferred to HC-7 as Det-113 we rode the USS Catskill (LSV-1) to Japan with stops in Hawaii and we had a beer or two at Wake Is. I left the Det when we got to Atsugi and it made only a short Det to Taiwan before transferring back to the states HC-5 again I think.

1970 HC-5 Det 102 Monroe's Mauraders !

1990-1991, HC-5 Det.1, I flew aboard 150271 during operation desert shield and storm aboard the USS San Jose (ASF-7). We did vertrep operations from Masirah, Oman and Fugira,UAE and supplies the Independence battle group and a Marine Amphibious Unit (don’t remember the name). I do remember one of the helo carriers was the USS Nassau (LHA-4). Our other bird was 151953 I believe. 150271 was designated a/c 04. She was my favorite to fly. Always ready and willing for a hard days(or nights) work!

1997-1999 Andersen AFB HC-5 nI was there for typhoon Paka,nAte MREs for 3 weeks. All the sheetmetal blew off the hangar, the winds were so strong, all the cars in P-lot were all shoved into each other on one side. Never seen anything like that before. Or since. I watched wind push a tractor trailer over on it side.

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