NASSCO San Diego

San Diego , California

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Naval Base San Diego , California 1.2139USSAN
USS Midway Museum , California 4.5308
NAS North Island , California 6.8282KNZY
San Diego , California 7.0315KSAN
NB Pt Loma , California 9.2270
NAS Imperial Beach / Ream Field , California 13.7170KNRS

  NASSCO San Diego

1959 to present

32° 41' 20'' N     117° 8' 14'' W
San Diego, California

The National Steel and Shipbuilding Company has been building ships since 1959. Is a division of General Dynamics.

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List of ships built at NASSCO San Diego

1963Support Ship Mars class
1969Landing Ship/Platform Dock Newport class
1976Support Ship Wichita class
1980Support Ship Yellowstone class
1994Support Ship Supply class
2006Support Ship Lewis and Clark class
2013Support Ship Montford Point class
2021Landing Ship/Platform Dock Lewis B Puller Class

1963-jun-15US AFS-1 USS Mars Mars class
1963-aug-15US AFS-2 USS Sylvania Mars class
1966-mar-26US AFS-3 USS Niagara Falls Mars class
1966-jul-26US AFS-4 USS White Plains Mars class
1966-dec-17US AFS-5 USS Concord Mars class
1968-apr-13US AFS-6 USS San Diego Mars class
1968-sep-28US LST-1182 USS Fresno Newport class
1969-mar-8US LST-1184 USS Frederick Newport class
1969-jul-12US LST-1186 USS Cayuga Newport class
1969-dec-13US AFS-7 USS San Jose Mars class
1970-feb-7US LST-1188 USS Saginaw Newport class
1970-mar-28US LST-1189 USS San Bernardino Newport class
1970-dec-19US LST-1193 USS Fairfax County Newport class
1971-oct-2US LST-1197 USS Barnstable County Newport class
1971-dec-4US LST-1198 USS Bristol County Newport class
1974-dec-7US AOR-7 USS Roanoke Wichita class
1979-jan-27US AD-41 USS Yellowstone Yellowstone class
1979-jul-28US AD-42 USS Acadia Yellowstone class
1980-aug-2US AD-43 USS Cape Cod Yellowstone class
1982-feb-6US AD-44 USS Shenandoah Yellowstone class
1990-oct-6US AOE-6 USS Supply Supply class
1991-sep-28US AOE-7 USS Rainier Supply class
1993-oct-30US AOE-8 USS Arctic Supply class
1996-aug-24US AOE-10 USS Bridge Supply class
2005-may-21US T-AKE-1 USNS Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark class
2006-jun-24US T-AKE-2 USNS Sacagawea Lewis and Clark class
2006-dec-6US T-AKE-3 USNS Alan Shepard Lewis and Clark class
2007-may-15US T-AKE-4 USNS Richard E. Byrd Lewis and Clark class
2007-oct-27US T-AKE-5 USNS Robert E. Peary Lewis and Clark class
2008-apr-6US T-AKE-6 USNS Amelia Earhart Lewis and Clark class
2008-sep-18US T-AKE-7 USNS Carl Brashear Lewis and Clark class
2009-mar-8US T-AKE-8 USNS Wally Schirra Lewis and Clark class
2009-aug-16US T-AKE-9 USNS Matthew Perry Lewis and Clark class
2010-feb-27US T-AKE-10 USNS Charles Drew Lewis and Clark class
2010-sep-11US T-AKE-11 USNS Washington Chambers Lewis and Clark class
2011-apr-16US T-AKE-12 USNS William McLean Lewis and Clark class
2011-oct-29US T-AKE-13 USNS Medgar Evers Lewis and Clark class
2012-may-12US T-AKE-14 USNS Cesar Chavez Lewis and Clark class
2012-nov-13US T-ESD-1 USNS Montford Point Montford Point class
2013-sepUS T-ESD-2 USNS John Glenn Montford Point class
2021US ESB-5 USS Miguel Keith Lewis B Puller Class

List of aircraft and events at NASSCO San Diego

2012-nov-13 USN Montford Point class T-ESD-1 USNS Montford Point

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