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HC-1 Fleet Angels
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1948 to 1994    


Helicopter Combat Support Squadron ONE US Navy

Helicopter Combat Support Squadron ONE
HELSUPPRON ONE, Fleet Angels, tail code UP, were the US Navy first operational helicopter squadron.

1948 Helicopter Utility Squadron One (HU-1) at NAS Lakehurst
1951 move to Imperial Beach Naval Outlying Field
1965 rename Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 1 (HC-1)

1967 split in HAL-3, HC-3, HC-5 and HC-7.

Deactivated April 29, 1994.

1955 Henry Franklin was helicopter utility squadron commander
Jun58-Jul61 was a aviation electronic tech and qualified as an air sea rescue crewman. Took cruise to wes-Pak aboard USS Shangri-La (CV-38) in 1959, Sasebo, Japan supporting Mine Flotilla One where we had our HUP-2 aboard USS Hamilton county (LST-802) and USS Carter Hall (LSD3); 1960-1961 cruise on USS Duval County (LST-758) to Midway-Hawaii setting up tracking stations on islands for NASA
1962 to 1965, Gulf of Tonkin long cruise on the Corral Sea (CVA-43), with 2 two UH-2As. Scattered one on deck while transferring a generator via external net. Tail rotor vortex. Nobody injured but some very pissed blue shirts. Squadron was HU-1 Guardian Angels then went to HC-1
1963-66 I was with HU-1/HC-1. 17sep63 UH-2A 149776 was lost. In 1965 A/C 149021, 149022 and 151306 were on the USS Midway (CVA-41) assigned to HC-1 Det Alpha. LT George Arthun
1965 I took 5 UH-2B on a 9 month deployment, we were the first det to bring all home. AFCM Joseph Barbutt
1965 I'm Lt Fritz Meyer , USN I was a member of HC-1 at Ream field until Jan68 when I was transferred to Hc-7 while at Cubi or on the North SAR station. my HC-1 Det was Det 19. Prior to that I short cruised on the Kitty Hawk and then deployed to V.N.aboard the Ranger . I am vague on times but spent Christmas 1966 in Hawaii. The following year I had my own SAR Det on North SAR. My co-pilot was Cornelius Harrington ( Skip) Yates III. My crew leader was Abner ADJ-1 . My crew included Stan Gooch AE-2 , Earnest Meyer , John Freeman , and some other gentlemen who were so well behaved that I cannot remember their names although I see their faces in my memory every day. I was blessed with the best. FCM
1965-Sep67 HC-1 sent 13 CSAR Dets to the Tonkin Gulf. We flew the UH-2Bs. I was on Det 11 Oct 66 thru March 67. Our helo was 149762
Dec65-Dec66, I checked into HC1. Left for WestPac in May aboard St Paul. (My recollection was the Helana) We were CSAR (Det 19 or 23). Crew was Lt Larry Sherman, Ens Ron Bradley, Chief AD Saunders, AT1(AC) Bob Seddig, AMS2(AC) Kleckley, ADJ3 (AC) Ed Hilty, AMS3 Harold Geer, AN Tony Dellacrosse. We sailed on USS King, USS Chicago after arriving in the PI. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. We Did 2 tours, no rescues, but delivered mail and the Chaplin. We flew the UH-2A, camouflaged, armor plated bird. I returned in Sep66 due to my wife surgery. The Det returned in Oct or late Sept
1966 to 1968 I was in HC-1, (AE-3) Barry Puckett. We took two UH-2A/Bs to Antartica on the USCGC Staten Island. 16 Navy on a Coastguard Icebreaker (Det.53) I was also on the USS Enterprise 1968 WestPac (Det.65) We took three UH-2Cs and ended up spending about three weeks off the coast of N.Korea when the USS Pueblo was captured. Spent remainder of westpac off north and south Vietnam on Yankee station. Our Det. did 8 rescues. I would love to here from anyone from HC-1
29jul66 Ens. C J Cooney HC-1 Det.29 deployd to Republic of South Viet Nam with seven other officers and eight enlisted men, to fly attack helicopters then known as gun ships
1967-1971, I was in HC-1, I made two WestPac cruises. 1969 on the Bon Homme Richard and 1970-71 on the John Hancock. On the Bonnie Dick, I was involved in a crash. All four crew recovered. Seasprite 149767 lost at sea. Met many great guys on that cruise and stay in touch with several of them. ADJ-3 D.L.Wiczek
1967-69 HC-1 Ream Field, great memories ,best buds,wild times,the old barracks,the pool(south of the runway.) Det14 TYCO Last cruise using the UH-2(Bs) on a WestPac.I fart dust now,cant recall many names anymore,but recall a few L.G.Nicholas,A.J.Smallbrock. Yea-great memories during some rough times. Still Kicking and hanging my hat in Connecticut. Steve
1968, I was transferred to HC-1 along with a buddy named Dennis Evanson,from VS-25 which was stationed at North Island. I really thought Ream Field was special; smaller, and more of a "family", than life at N.I. At the time I had made E-4, so living in the "new" barracks with private rooms was luxury, compared to life on board the USS Yorktown, CVS-10, where I had made my first cruise. Being assigned to Det 7, , was another new experience, and I remember Chief Ganderton, and his British accent, which took me a while to get used to. remember our cruise aboard the USS Ticonderoga, to the Far East, in 1969. It was while on this cruise that I made E-5, and that made life a lot more enjoyable, including better pay. The rumor that we were going to Australia, never came true, but the friends I made in HC-1, will never be duplicated. I remember Oscar Delfin, always dependable, and guys like Toleman, Rlussell, Eades, and Reeder. I also remember Krupa, McNown, Ron Shimel, who influenced me to buy my first motorcycle when we were in Japan. Also remember a guy namerd Buchols, and Fowler. I especially remember our O in C., LCDR Martin. Also Lt Morgan, LTJG Walker, LTJG Smith and Newkirk. I especially enjoyed working with LTJG, Davis and Newman. After our cruise was completed in 1969, I really enjoyed my motorcycle in San Diego, and explored the area, from Tijuana, to LaJolla, and points east. It seemed that by the middle of summer 1970, we had been assigned to th4e USS Hancock CVA 19, which was stationed in Alameda. We started "short cruising" out of Alameda in late summer, and by Sept 1st, I was discharged. I later learned that they DID get to go to Australia on their 1970-71 cruise. I will never forget those 4 years in the Navy, and will always cherish them. Respectfully, Ed Zimmerman
1968 to 1969 attached to HC-1 SAR set 19 on USS Hancock as aircrew. Toney Hanson AT1 Det 19 Aircrew POC. Previous HC-1 during (1966 to 1967) attached to Combat SAR Det on extended duty for air rescue of downed pilots off coast of N. Vietnam. I am getting so damned old I cannot remember the names of my shipmates for those cruses but I was there and felt like I was doing something. Saved 2 pilots on the combat SAR and 1 pilot plus the helos swimmer who we lost that night when he fell off the sling during the pilots recovery. We all came home. Best duty I ever had in 20 yrs of service.
Apr68-Jan72 I,Frank Chupko, was a rescuecrewman and flew a lot with Frank Dudek from Dearborn.(Now deceased) While short cruising on the Oriskany we made two rescues in two days of pilots training to go to Nam.(Early 1970)They were both at night and the first one was during a big storm and the pilot had cut off his D-ring. Needless to say I was the swimmer both nights
Aug68-Sep79, C.T.Hall, I was in the outfit. An outstanding group
1968-71, HC-1 Dennis Burgi AT-2 I was on the Oriskany 69/70 and the Kittyhawk 70/71,if I remember my dates right. we flew UH2-C's, (hukietukes)also known as Kaman's Killers, because of their dependability. a couple of pilots named "Squeeky" O'neil and "Bugallo" Bulgelski. He was cool. Worked nights, 7pm-7am. Good crew, one bad chief on one cruise. We managed to have a good time aboard ship and on liberty. Some of the crew, Greg Luft(AIMD-AT), Frank Dudek, one of the best guys I ever knew, unfortunately deceased now,Pat Golden from Syracuse, Frank Chupko from Scotch Plains,N.J., Tom Robinson,ADJ crazy and fun, from Staten Island, N.Y.,and many more good guys to serve with. Wish I could remember all their names, but hard enough remembering mine. LOL
1969-1971, I was SAR crew with HC1 det7. Lt Newkirk, chief Ganderton, Lt Walker. Wish could remember all. Rember Chupko, Ernie Skeen, Bickhart, Draggish went down off the coast of IB flew on the search mission for them. Was about five UH-2C looking. Coast Guard came under them and picked them up. HC1 CO was not happy. Dont remember his name but think we called him Grey Ghost. Known as Gus ADJ2 at the time
1969 - 1971, Not sure of the dates but I was Frank Chupko's roomate when we lived on the beach before we deployed. Spent much time hanging out at the Ye Olde Plank Inn listening to Ernie Skeen sing Merle Haggard tunes. I have a recording somewhere which I need to put online. I shipped out on USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31, Frank on the Kitty Hawk. Later we reunited to take the Bonnie Dick to it's final destination in Bremerton. We both went for some shakedown cruises on the Constellation and raised some hell in Oak Harbor. Ernie Skeen was in charge which made it even more exciting. After that I parted ways with HC-1 and went to Moffett Field NAS in Mountain View, CA. The HC-1 crew was a great group of folks, and we've lost a few. John Poltrack
1969 to Oct 1972 I flew as a rescue crewman with Det7. We were attached to the USS Hancock (CVA-19). I made 2 West Pac cruises. In 70 to 71 we flew the UH-2C and the 72 cruise we had converted to the SH-3G. Jerome Schleier AO.
Jul69-Sep71, Doron Schleifer AT-2 Served with HC1. West PAC on USS Ranger from Jun70 carrier quals to Jun71. Even though I was in ships company, still kept Connected with HC1 Det1 Crew. Great bunch of guys.
1970-1971, I was HC-1 Det-7 cruise on Hancock CVA 19 Tom Robinson (thomasrobinson48 from NW Indiana ADJAN (Navy gave me ADJ3) trying to get me to stay in. I remember Lt Newkirk, Chief Ganderton, Lt Walker, I have a squadron list of names somewhere. I worked with Bruce Ekhoff AMS2nd class, Rich Krupa AMH2nd class, Billy Walk (got sick and missed the 70-71 cruise). Luis Pabey ADR3nd class from EC Ind., James Eades ATR2, Stephen Lesly AE2, Clide Lotspeich ATN2, David Rafeld AE2, Marion Ames ATN3, Harlan Browning AMH3, Oscar Delfin AZ3, Larry Harper AMS3, Mike Landt ADJ3, Alan Nichols AE3, Charles Zinck PR3,Jerome Schleier AO3, David Wiczek ADJ3, John Green ADJAN, Ed GreenAEAN, Roy Guthrie AN, Lorenzo Sahagun TN, James White ATN3, James Eblen ADCS, Aryln Daugherty AT1, Milo Henderson AMH1, Don Meitl AE2, this came from my orders signed Aug 18, 1970 by CDR R.L.Wheeler. I never was able to find a patch for HC-1 Det-7 or Ream Field NAS Imperial Beach Helicopter Base.
Nov70-Jun71 and Jan/Oct 1972, HC-1 Det7 WESTPAC cruises on USS Hancock (CVA-19). I have copies of cruise reports Det7 and Det6 combined for Apollo 17 recovery on USS Ticonderoga(CVS-14) Dec72. Det7 decommissioned Jan73. Richard Wald, PN2
Jul71 I was with the Det as an A/C on the USS Okonawa for the Apollo 15 recovery; On the 1972 cruise I served with HC-1 Det 7 as a Rescue Aircrewman on the Hancock. I had 2 rescues. 1 with Takota and I forget my partner a/c on the other.It was my honor to serve with all of these fine shipmates! Smith AMS.
Mar72-Aug75, I was assigned to HC-1 as a Staff Aviation Storekeeper (AK). It was NAS Imperial Beach when I arrived. The designation NALF Imperial Beach was started in 1974. I have many Fond Memories of my time there. There were People of all Races I met and will always remember including Friends like Ike Woods, Vic Johnson and Virgil Freelen, HC-1, Det. 1 (Ike is now deceased), Jake Jordan, Tollie Giddings, Jr.: Bobby Clinton, Louis Moore, Mike Brown (HC-1 Staff) Melvin Rainwater (HC-1, Det 1 and so Many Others I don't have space to write. Forgive me if I left someone out. There are so Many! My enlisted August 15, 1975; Just before the Squadron move to NAS North Island and the base being designated an OLF. Samuel Kemp
1975-1979, I was in HC-1 as an ADJ. Was stationed at Ream Field in Imperial Beach, CA when I first arrived which was dubbed "Helicopter Capitol of the World", then transitioned to North Island in Coronado, CA. Attended ADJ training in Millington Tennessee, FAM school with HS-10 at Ream Field and Aircrew training with HSL-31. Volunteered for flight duty and flew in HC-1 Det 3,4 and 5. Had the opportunity to visit our sister squadron in Atsugi, Japan on one of our WestPacs aboard the USS Coral Sea who were stationed on the USS Midway. Fond memories of all the crazy men and women in that squadron both stateside and overseas. Had a blast in Fallon when we were flying the HH-3As for Det 5. Who can forget the Whirlybird bar right across the street from Ream Field in Imperial
Jul75-Dec78, I served in HC-1 Det5. I was an AOAN and worked on the armament on armored H-53. I loved my time there and still visit Coronado and Imperial Beach to Reminisce. I miss my buddies Keith Puchtel, Brad Eager, Ed Sullivan, all you guys! We carried Mini-guns, and M60s on board for our Combat Search and Rescue mission. We also recovered torpedoes from the submarine forces. Exciting stuff!
Dec75-Jul78 I was in detachment with CVW-5 embarked on the USS Midway (CV-41). We flew SH-3Gs
1980-1982, I was with HC-1 Det 6 as one of the three COMSEVENTHFLEET VIP Pilots and also the NATOPS/Instrument Instructor and Det Maintenance Officer. at the time I was a LT on my second tour of duty. Call Sign was/is "Phantom". We were permanently stationed in Atsugi Japan as an overseas Det. Ken Curtis (LCDR) and Paul Miller (ENS) were the other two pilots at that time. Ralph Edwards was the Warrant AMO. Later Walt Fuller (LCDR) replaced Ken as OIC. VADM Trost - later to become CNO and then VADM Holcomb were COMSEVENTHFLEET's at the time we flew. We had Blackbeard "01" - 148989 at that time which was the last flying SH-3A in the Navy. I took in possession of our first SH-3G "Big Tail" SeaKing @ 1981 and did a complete redesign of its interior, exterior and added a bubble cargo door window. NIPPI in Atsugi did all the working including the engineering of the cargo door window to ensure it wouldn't be affected by the engine exhaust heat. With the bubble window the Admiral could look all directions from his seat next to it. Also, the seat was wired so he could talk on any of the aircraft's radios including HF. I also had NIPPI put metallic VADM racing stripes down the fuselage sides. We had such a great Det and personnel who maintained "Blackbeard". I did cross deck over to Det 2 on the Midway for a cruise or two to let some of their JO's get a chance to fly our VIP bird. During one cruise we spotted and rescued, on two separate days, Vietnamese refugee "boat people" (93 total) that the Blueridge took aboard. My final tour of duty was as a Professor teaching Aviation Safety Programs and Mishap Investigation at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey when I retired in 1995 after 21 years of duty and the only tour of duty not in a cockpit. Joined the California State Guard Army Reserves (CASMR)in 2006 and now a Colonel and the Deputy Commander of the CA State Military Police. Presently COMACCLOGWING Training Administrator for my full time job. I still go to North Island from time to time and see USS Midway across the bay looking small with the city skyline in the background and miss seeing HC-1 at the hangars and all our SH-3's that use to be on the flightline/seawall. LCDR Dennis Fandey USN(RET).
1981-1984, I was attached to HC-1 Det.6, Blackbeard 01. Arrived ad AD3 Roger Slater, was working with the Engine shop to maintain the 2 T-58 Turbo shaft engines. As above I also worked with LCDR Ken Curtis and LCDR Fuller. Had many great times at sea with the guys and lots of Fun in Ports. I transferred to NALCOWESTPAC Logistics in 1984 or 3 years for an out of rate tour writing Flight Schedules for C-12, S-3 and doing MAC - SAM requests for the Air Force. Then I transferred to VP-16 in Jacksonville Florida for 3 1/2 years working on P-3's where I went to Flight Engineer school and Naval Aircrew School. I transferred to VQ-1 Atsugi Japan in 1991, soon squadron moved to NAF Misawa Japan where I stayed with VQ-1 until I retired in 1997 with 22 years service. Best time I ever had was with the Military. I am presently working for Rolls-Royce OWC as a Flight Technician for the Gulfstream AC and will be here until I retire in about 5 years.
1983-1984, I trained under Master Chief Kazmar and staff at NAS North Island SH-3 S.A.R. School. This man mad a life long impression on me!!! Amazing individual!!! Vincent Chirafisi HS-4 Black Knights
I was attached to HC-1 honorable discharged 08may86. Amh3 maintained sh3g &ch53-e sikorsky helos. I am very horned to have been a member of such a historical naval squadron
1988-1991 I was with HC-1. We did not have CH-46s, but we did have CH-53Es, 4 of them, on loan from the USMC
1988-1992, attached to HC-1, I was a SAR aircrewman and AT. Would anyone remember a time at San Clemente Island when we lost an engine while trying to launch Mk 27 ASW target ?
My father Dennis Blackwell passed away Sept. 4th 2014. He was a member of this vaunted Squadron. He served aboard the USS Ranger, USS Oriscany, and the USS Kearsarge during the Vietnam Conflict. I am trying to contact his old team mates to tell them of his passing. Thank You: Clayton Blackwell

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1976/94NAS North IslandKNZY
1951/76NAS Imperial Beach / Ream FieldKNRS
1948/51MCAS MiramarKNKX
1948NAS LakehurstKNEL


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1990/94s-70 H-60
1970/94s-61 H-3
1964/94107M H-46 Sea Knight
1955/64s-58 H-34
1951/60s-55 H-19

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for HC-1
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
12 UH-2A 147979 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 12, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 147979 unk; redesig +
13 UH-2A 147980 : 1965 UH-2A asg HC-1 Det.E /UP-12 on CV-14 USS Ticonderoga
61-012 hss-2 1960 148034 : USN; conv SH-3G; HC-1 w/o 22jul74
61-025 hss-2 148047 : 1990s SG-3G HC-1 /UP-723
US Department of State N47WN : State Dept from Aug10
61-041 hss-2 148969 : US Navy; Aug91 SH-3H type HC-1 /UP-764
US Department of State N969WL : State Dept from Dec10, S-61T type
61-045 hss-2 148973 : pictured as HC-1 /NK-722 date unk
61-051 hss-2 148979 : USN; conv SH-3G; pictured (top) as HC-1 /UP-727
61-063 hss-2 148989 : 1980-1982 SH-3A type (last flying) HC-1 Det. 6
Carson Helicopters N81664 : Carson; 2001 Perkasie, Pennsylvania; ex 148989
25 UH-2A 1961 149021 : 1965 UH-2A type as HU-1 ( HC-1 ) /UP-2 on USS Midway (CVA-41)
26 UH-2A 149022 : 1965 UH-2A type as HU-1 ( HC-1 ) Det Alpha /UP-? on USS Midway (CVA-41)
34 UH-2A 149030 : 1967-68 UH-2A type asg HC-1 Det.43 as /UP-15
61-088 hss-2 149679 : USN; conv SH-3G; 28mar82 pictured as HC-1 /UP COMSEVENTHFLT carrying the+
: Aug91 SH-3G type HC-1 /UP-723
Croman Corp N694CC : Croman Corp at White City, Oregon from 1995, ex 149679
61-114 hss-2 149699 : USN; conv SH-3G; HC-1 Det6 w/o 08may72
61-124 hss-2 149707 : USN; SH-3A HC-1 w/o 08feb70
61-125 hss-2 149708 : 1990-1991 UH-3H type asg HC-1 aboard USS Tripoli (LPH-10) and USS Tarawa (+
61-127 hss-2 149710 : USN; conv SH-3G; HC-1 w/o 10apr81
61-141 hss-2 149724 : US Navy; conv to SH-3H unk; Aug91 SH-3H type HC-1 /UP-763
State of California N950DG : LASD Los Angeles County Sheriff Department from 2008, ex 149724; 30sep13 e+
41 UH-2A 149739 : 1966-67 UH-2A type asg HC-1 Det.E /UP-17 CV-14 USS Ticonderoga
43 UH-2A 149741 : 1967-68 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.61
44 UH-2A 149742 : 1966 March, pictured as UH-2A type with HC-1 DetC serving as plane guard o+
45 UH-2A 149743 : 1967-68 UH-2A type asg HC-1 Det.43 as /UP-6
46 UH-2A 149744 : 1967-68 UH-2A type asg HC-1 Det.G
: 1968-69 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.63
: 1970 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.3 /NF-004 on CVA-31 USS Bon Homme Richard
47 UH-2A 149745 : 1965-66 UH-2A type asg HC-1 Det.F as /UP-3
: 1968-69 UH-2C type asg HC-1 /UP-85 on CVA-64 USS Constellation
: 1970 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.34 /UP-005
52 UH-2A 149750 : 1965-66 seen with HC-1 Det.M on CVAN-65 USS Enterprise
57 UH-2A 149755 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
60 UH-2A 149758 : 1970/71 with HC-1 Det7 on Westpac cruise with USS Hancock (CVA-19)
63 UH-2A 149761 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 63, ff?; del USN as UH2K-1, 149761 unk; redesig +
67 UH-2A 149765 : 1964/65 as UH-2A type HC-1 on CVA-64 USS Constellation
: 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
69 UH-2A 149767 : 10aug69, UH-2C type with HC-1 Det31 on USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31). I w+
70 UH-2A 149768 : 1970/71 as UH-2C type HC-1 /UP-005 on CVA-63 USS Kitty Hawk
71 UH-2A 149769 : 1964-65 as UH-2A type HC-1 Det.F /UP-30 on CVA-64 USS Constellation
: 1965-66 as HC-1 Det.M /UP-4 CVAN-65 USS Enterprise
74 UH-2A 149772 : 1969 pictured as UH-2C type HC-1 /004 on Westpac cruise on USS Bon Homme R+
77 UH-2A 149775 : 1970/71 as UH-2C type HC-1 Det.2 /UP-006 on CVA-63 USS Kitty Hawk
82 UH-2A 149780 : 1969 pictured as HC-1 Det31 /UP-96 #006 on Westpac cruise with USS Bon Hom+
85 UH-2A 149783 : 1965 UH-2A type asg HC-1 Det.G CVA-34 USS Oriskany
61-158 hss-2 149893 : US Navy; conv SH-3G; HC-1 w/o 22oct73
61-182 hss-2 149912 : conv SH-3G; HC-1 w/o 14oct76
89 UH-2B 150139 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
90 UH-2B 150140 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
92 UH-2B 150142 : 1967-68 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.63
98 UH-2B 150148 : 1967-68 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.61 as /UP-72
: 1968-69 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.43 as /UP-06
: late 1960s seen in a cruse book as UH-2C HC-1 Det.43
102 UH-2B 150152 : 1968-69 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.61 as /UP-004
US Marine Corps 150152 : redesig UH-2B in 1962; xfer MCAS SO&ES Cherry Point, 23Oct64
104 UH-2B 150154 : 1966-67 UH-2B asg HC-1 Det.E /UP-40 on USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14)
: 1968/9 UH-2C type pictured with HC-1 Det19 Pacific Fleet Angels on USS Han+
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3444 : RNZN, SH-2F type, ex BuNo 150154. prob spares
106 UH-2B 150156 : 1968 as UH-2C type, HC-1 /UP-86 Det.64 USS Constellation (CVA-64). I was t+
: 1970/71 pictured as UH-2C type HC-1 /NP-005 on USS Hancock (CVA-19) Westpa+
Royal Australian Navy N29-150156 : RAN SH-2G(A) /843 from Feb01; 20mar08 rtn to Kaman
Kaman N319AK : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3612 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
108 UH-2B 150158 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
110 UH-2B 150160 : USN; conv UH-2C; 1970/71 as HC-1 Det7 /006 on Westpac cruise with USS Hanc+
Royal Australian Navy N29-150160 : RAN SH-2G(A) /844 from Feb01; 20mar08 rtn to Kaman
Kaman N654KM : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3618 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
111 UH-2B 150161 : 1968 UH-2C type as HC-1 Det.65 /UP-12 CVAN-65 USS Enterprise
: 1070 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.6 on CVA-34 USS Oriskany
115 UH-2B 150165 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
123 UH-2B 150173 : 1967 UH-2B asg HC-1 Det.L /UP-43
: 29jul67 as UH-2B type asg HC-1 BHR- Det did medivac during CVA-59 USS Forr+
135 UH-2B 150185 : 10feb70 UH-2C type HC-1
136 UH-2B 150186 : 1966-1967 HC-1 Det.M /UP-38 CVAN-65 USS Enterprise
61-215 hss-2 150620 : Aug91 SH-3G type HC-1 /UP-720
Croman Corp - : Croman; ex 150620
2026 UH-46A 1964 150965 : US Navy UH-46A d/d 27jun64; asg HC-1 /60; w/o 12Dec66 Ream Field, Imperial+
2027 UH-46A 1964 150966 : BV-107M, c/n 2027, ff?; del USN 30Jun64 as UH-46A 150966; xfer HU-1/HC-1, +
: This unit was delivered to HC-1 as well as 150965. Ream Field Imperial +
137 UH-2B 151300 : 1971 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.5 on CVA-34 USS Oriskany
140 UH-2B 151303 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
: 1970 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.6 /UP-004 on CVA-34 USS Oriskany
143 UH-2B 151306 : 1965 UH-2B type as HU-1 ( HC-1 ) Det Alpha /UP-? on USS Midway (CVA-41)
US Marine Corps 151306 : redesig UH-2B in 1962; xfer MCAS Yuma, 30Jul64 to 19Nov64
144 UH-2B 151307 : 1968-69 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.61 as /UP-005
146 UH-2B 151309 : 1966-67 UH-2B type asg HC-1 Det.E /UP-49 on CV-14 USS Ticonderoga
: 1967-68 UH-2B type asg HC-1 Det.14
147 UH-2B 151310 : USN; conv UH-2C; 1969 pictured as HC-1 /006 on Westpac cruise on USS Bon H+
Royal Australian Navy N29-151310 : RAN SH-2G(A) /845 from Feb01; 20mar08 rtn to Kaman
Kaman N705KM : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3619 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
150 UH-2B 151313 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
154 UH-2B 151317 : 1967 UH-2B type asg HC-1 Det.31 /UP-42
163 UH-2B 151326 : 1967-68 UH-2B type asg HC-1 Det.14 /UP-97
172 UH-2B 151335 : 1967-68 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.61 as /UP-77
61-241 hss-2 1964 151536 : USN; conv SH-3G; 1977 AMARC/9H0004; 01feb91 Pictured /UP-01 HC-1 COMSEVEN+
: Before feb91 was HC-1 /UP-722
61-252 hss-2 151544 : USN; conv SH-3G; 1970s /NL-727 HC-1; HC-1 w/o 30oct78
61-263 hss-2 151550 : conv to SH-3G unk; 18sep90 pictured as /UP-761 HC-1 over USS Copeland (FFG+
Peruvian Navy HM-493 : Naval, UH-3H type, ex 151550
61-292 hss-2 151556 : Sikorsky HSS-2 c/n 61-292, ff:?; del USN as SH-3A 151556, 15Dec64; units u+
179 UH-2B 152195 : 1967-68 UH-2C type asg HC-1 Det.63 /UP-78
181 UH-2B 152197 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 181, ff?; del USN as HU2K-1U 152197 unk; redesig+
182 UH-2B 152198 : 1968/70 UH-2C type HC-1
183 UH-2B 152199 : 1970/71 as UH-2C type HC-1 Det.2 /UP-004
186 UH-2B 1962 152202 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 186, ff?; del USN as HU2K-1U 158202 unk; redesig+
: 1968-69 as HC-1 Det.64 /UP-70
Royal Australian Navy N29-152202 : FMS to Royal Australian Navy (RAN) unk; upgraded to SH-2G(A) Super Seaspri+
61-373 sh-3d 152708 : conv UH-3H; Aug91 HC-1 /UP-760
61-398 sh-3d 154108 : conv SH-3G; HC-1 /UP-753
Brazilian Navy - : spares
61-439 sh-3d 156493 : US Navy; Aug91 SH-3D type HC-1 /UP-756
Croman Corp N692CC : Croman; ex 156493

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