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  • usa Helicopter Training Squadron Eighteen

    US Navy

    HT-18 : Vigilant Eagles
    United States Naval Aviation

    1972 to present    



    Helicopter Training Squadron Eighteen
    The squadron was created in 1972 after splitting HT-8. HT-18 became the new advanced helicopter training unit flying mainly Hueys TH-1L but both units used borrowed Army UH-1D and Marines UH-1E for many years as well.

    From 1985, and with TH-57B/C Sea Ranger, HT-8 and HT-18 became mirror image squadrons both providing basic and advanced training.

    I was in HT-18 when it split from HT-8. I still there when we moved to NAS Whiting Field from Ellyson Field in Dec 73/Jan 74. Earned aircrew wings in the summer of 1973. I would be glad to provide any information I have.
    I was there too. I’d like to connect up to any guys from that time. I remember Ray E. Williams, from Jackson Mississippi, Robert Sharpe, from the Mississippi coast, and our branch office, Mike Eckdahl (sp?). Ando the Eggold friend was Bob Hyde, from Mobile. -

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    News of Helicopter Training Squadron Eighteen

    Safety Award for Training Squadron HT-18, 23-May-19 : #Safety US Navy’ Helicopter Training Squadron HT-18, one of six units under Training Air Wing 5, received the Admiral John H. Towers Flight Safety Award


    1972/    NAS Whiting FieldKNDZ


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    1972/    206
    1972/83TH-1L Iroquois

    HT-18 List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    6402 TH-1L 157807 : USN; 10mar94 pictured as HT-18 /100 preserved on pole at NAS Whiting Field+
    6409 TH-1L 157814 : HT-18 w/o 07sep77
    6413 TH-1L 157818 : HT-18 w/o 11nov73
    6418 TH-1L 157823 : HT-18 w/o 30nov74
    6428 TH-1L 157833 : HT-18 w/o 30mar76
    6442 TH-1L 157847 : HT-18. w/o 28aug78
    6445 TH-1L 157850 : HT-18 w/o 28feb76
    3699 th-57c 162020 : USN; HT-18 E-56
    3705 th-57c 162026 : HT-18 E-62
    3714 th-57c 162035 : USN; HT-18
    3761 th-57c 162675 : USN HT-18 E-113
    3766 th-57c 162677 : USN HT-18 E-115
    3767 th-57c 162678 : USN HT-18 E-116
    3837 th-57c 162812 : USN HT-18 E-126

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