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    List of Operations of US Navy

    07-sep-2212-sep-22 Baltimore, MDBaltimore Fleet Week
    21-feb-2221-feb-22 Pearl Harbor, HI11th MEU 2022-2
    15-may-2103-jun-21UK Outer Hebrides, UKFormidable Shield 2021
    21-sep-2015-oct-20UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 20-2
    05-oct-1917-oct-19UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 19-2
    09-jun-1921-jun-19DE Baltic SeaBALTOPS 19
    14-may-1916-may-19SG ChangiIMDEX Asia 2019
    30-mar-1911-apr-19UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 19-1
    08-jun-1810-jun-18 Portland, ORPortland Fleet Week
    06-sep-17AI Caribbean IslandsHurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations
    25-aug-1725-aug-17 Southern TexasHurricane Harvey
    01-aug-1710-aug-17UK Scotland and the Western IslesExercise Saxon Warrior 17
    26-mar-1706-apr-17UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 17-1
    31-jan-1702-feb-17BH Manama, Persian GulfExercise Unified Trident
    14-nov-1623-nov-16NZ Kaikoura, South IslandKaikoura Earthquake relief operations
    04-oct-16HT Northern Caribbean and the BahamasHurricane Matthew relief operations
    12-sep-1624-sep-16AU DarwinExercise Kakadu 16
    01-aug-1606-dec-16LY SirteOperation Odyssey Lightning
    12-apr-1616-apr-16ID Padang and Mentawai IslandsExercise Komodo 2016
    19-feb-1622-mar-16NO Tr​øndelag, Central NorwayCold Response 2016
    14-nov-15BR off Sao PauloExercise UNITAS Atlantic 2015
    03-oct-1516-oct-15UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 15-2
    03-oct-1506-nov-15ES Eastern N Atlantic and Northern MediterraneanExercise Trident Juncture 2015
    07-jul-1521-jul-15AU Fog Bay, NT and Shoalwater Bay, QldTalisman Sabre 2015
    05-jun-1520-jun-15PL Poland, Baltic states and the Baltic SeaBALTOPS 15
    20-apr-1530-apr-15RP Philippine SeaExercise Balikatan 2015
    11-apr-1524-apr-15UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 15-1
    07-nov-1421-nov-14OM Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea and Red SeaInternational Mine Counter Measures Exercise 2014
    08-oct-1418-oct-14UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 14-2
    06-oct-1413-oct-14 San FranciscoSan Francisco Fleet Week 2014
    14-sep-14IQ Iraq and SyriaOpération Chammal
    01-aug-1431-dec-14 11th MEU WESTPAC 14-2
    06-jun-1421-jun-14 baltic seaBALTOPS 14
    31-mar-1411-apr-14UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 14-1
    08-nov-13RP whole archipelagoTyphoon Haiyan relief operations
    03-oct-1311-oct-13AU Sydney, NSWInternational Fleet Review Sydney 2013
    15-jul-1306-aug-13AU QueenslandTalisman Saber 2013
    17-apr-1223-apr-12 New Orleans, USANOLA Navy Week
    10-aug-1122-aug-11 San Diego, CA11th MEU 2011-08
    18-may-1120-may-11SG Changi Exhibition Centre, SingaporeIMDEX Asia 2011
    12-mar-1104-may-11JP North Eastern JapanOperation Tomodachi - Tohoku Earthquake Relief
    12-jun-1002-jul-10CA Bedford Basin, Halifax, NSFleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy
    07-jun-1019-jun-10 baltic seaBALTOPS 10
    08-may-10 Western Atlantic and Eastern USA seaboardExercise Auriga 2010
    12-jan-10HT HaitiOperation Panlake
    04-oct-0817-oct-08UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 08-2
    04-sep-0709-sep-07IN Bay of BengalExercise Malabar 07-2
    04-jun-0715-jun-07 baltic seaBALTOPS 07
    01-jun-0602-jun-06NG Lagos, NigeriaFleet Review: 50th Anniversary of Nigerian Navy
    24-jun-0528-jun-05UK Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Trafalgar 200
    03-jun-0517-jun-05 baltic seaBALTOPS 05
    01-jan-05 Eastern North AtlanticSNMG1
    29-jun-0428-jul-04 HawaiiRIMPAC 04
    05-may-02SO Gulf of Aden / Horn of Africa / east coast SomaliaCombined Task Force 150
    24-aug-0127-aug-01UK PortsmouthInternational Festival of Sea 2001
    09-oct-9912-oct-99 San FranciscoSan Francisco Fleet Week 1999
    14-mar-9708-apr-97AL off DurresOperation Helvin
    20-dec-9520-dec-96BA Bosnia-HerzegovinaIFOR (implementation force)
    04-jun-9405-jun-94UK Lee-on-SolentD-Day 50th Anniversary Flypast
    01-jun-94 baltic seaBALTOPS 94
    15-jun-9302-oct-96Y2 Adriatic SeaOperation Sharp Guard
    05-jan-9111-jan-91SO US Embassy, MogadishuOperation Eastern Exit
    16-aug-9010-mar-91IQ IraqOperation Desert Shield/Storm
    26-sep-8804-oct-88AU SydneyFleet Review: Australia Bi-centennial Naval Salute
    04-oct-8605-oct-86AU Port Jackson, Sydney, AustraliaFleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN
    21-jun-8622-jun-86NL Den Helder, NetherlandsFleet days 1986
    24-apr-8025-apr-80IR IranOperation Eagles Claw
    27-jun-7728-jun-77UK Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen
    20-jul-7430-sep-74CY CyprusPartition of Cyprus
    31-may-7010-jul-70PE Ancash Province / ChimboteGreat Peruvian Earthquake relief operations
    14-apr-7017-apr-70 South Pacific, Rio, MauritiusApollo XIII splashdown recovery
    31-jul-6403-oct-64 Around-the-worldOperation Sea Orbit
    15-jul-5825-oct-58LB BeirutOperation Blue Bat
    08-jun-5717-jun-57 Hampton Roads, VAInternational Fleet Review, Virginia 1957
    01-nov-5530-apr-75VN VietnamSecond Indochina War (Vietnam War)

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