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17-Dec-18 - First Flight of Indian LUH Third Prototype #LUH
10-Dec-18 - India’ HAL LUH Reaches 6 Km Altitude Flight #LUH
25-Nov-18 - HAL’s Subsidiary Delivers Helicopter Structures #Dhruv
19-Oct-18 - Software Providers Team Up With Airbus #databases
10-Sep-18 - Airbus Foundation in Kerala Flood Relief Mission #KeralaFlood
07-Sep-18 - Rotortrade Partners with Indocopters #India
20-Aug-18 - Saab Self-protection Systems for India’ Dhruv #protection
03-Aug-18 - India’ HAL Unveils 10 Kg Helicopter Drone
27-Jul-18 - India Apache and Chinook First Flight #IndiaApacheChinook
16-Jul-18 - First Sale of S-76D in India #VIP
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