india Bharatiya Thalsena

Indian Army


Indian Air Force and Army Ordered 15 HAL LCH, 22-Dec-17 : Indian Army and Air Force requests 15 Limited Series HAL Light Combat Helicopters (LCH)

Model Types

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  HAL Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)2019
  HAL Dhruv2002
  HAL chetak19692017
  HAL cheetah19692017

List of Aircraft

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Dhruv DS01 IA1101 : Army
Dhruv IA1120 : Army 202Sqn by 2007
Dhruv DS105 IA1141 : Army Dhruv Mk3
Dhruv DS36 J4047 : Army
cheetah Z3151 : Indian Army
cheetah Z3154 : Indian Army
cheetah Z3155 : Indian Army; w/o 02feb15 during takeoff at Rangapahar helipad, Di ...

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