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  • india Mazagon Dock Ltd

    Mumbai, Maharashtra


    Satellite and aerial maps of Mazagon Dock Ltd with nearby locations

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    4.6188 Mumbai Harbour, Maharashtra
    6.4200 INS Shikra, Maharashtra
    13.5007VABB Mumbai, Maharashtra
    14.5353VAJJ Juhu, Maharashtra
    124.5168 nr Savane Beach, Maharashtra
    169.6040VAOZ Nashik, Maharashtra

    18° 58' 6'' N - 72° 51' 1'' E
    7nm SW of Mumbai

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    List of ships built at Mazagon Dock Ltd

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    1972Frigate Nilgiri class
    1983Frigate Godavari class
    1983Coast Guards Vikram class
    1989Corvette Khukri class
    1997Guided-Missile Destroyer Delhi class
    2010Frigate Shivalik (Project 17) class
    2014Guided-Missile Destroyer Kolkata class

    1968-oct-23IN F33 INS Nilgiri Nilgiri class
    1970-may-6IN F34 INS Himgiri Nilgiri class
    1972-oct-24IN F36 INS Dunagiri Nilgiri class
    1974-mar-9IN F35 INS Udaygiri Nilgiri class
    1976-oct-25IN F41 INS Taragiri Nilgiri class
    1977-nov-12IN F42 INS Vindhyagiri Nilgiri class
    1983IN 33 Vikram Vikram class
    1983IN F20 INS Godavari Godavari class
    1985IN 34 Vijaya Vikram class
    1985IN F22 INS Ganga Godavari class
    1986IN 35 Veera Vikram class
    1986-dec-3IN P49 INS Khukri Khukri class
    1988IN 36 Varuna Vikram class
    1988IN 37 Vajra Vikram class
    1988IN F21 INS Gomati Godavari class
    1989IN 38 Vivek Vikram class
    1989-apr-15IN P46 INS Kuthar Khukri class
    1990IN 39 Vigraha Vikram class
    1993-jun-4IN D60 INS Mysore Delhi class
    1995-mar-20IN D61 INS Delhi Delhi class
    2001IN D62 INS Mumbai Delhi class
    2003-apr-18IN F47 INS Shivalik Shivalik (Project 17) class
    2004-jun-4IN F48 INS Satpura Shivalik (Project 17) class
    2005-may-27IN F49 INS Sahyadri Shivalik (Project 17) class
    2006-mar-30IN D63 INS Kolkata Kolkata class

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