usa Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWELVE

US Navy

HSC-12 : Golden Falcons
United States Naval Aviation

2009 to present    


Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWELVE US Navy

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWELVE
On July 1st 2009, the former Helicopter Anti Submarine Squadron TWO ( HS-2 ) was redesignated HSC-12 after receiving their MH-60S
deployed aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) between 12 Dec 2001 and 7 Aug 2012 as part of CVW-2, returning to North Island, CA. on 9 Aug 2012.
From 2012, part of Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW-5) along HSM-77 embarked on USS George Washington (CVN-73) only carrier forward deployed at Yokosuka, Japan

On 16 December 2013 MH-60S 167837 from HSC-12 crashed near the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan

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2012/    JP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō RJTA
2009/12NAS North Island KNZY


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2009/    S-70 H-60     MH-60S Seahawk

HSC-12 List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
mh-60s 167832 : USN; HSC-12 /NE-0 black/yellow/red CAG camo
mh-60s 167833 : USN; HSC-12 /NE-1
mh-60s 167835 : USN; HSC-12 /NE-2
mh-60s 167837 : USN; HSC-12 /NE-3; w/o crashed near the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan
70-3177 mh-60s 167839 : USN; HSC-12 /NE-4
70-3183 mh-60s 167840 : USN; HSC-12 /NE-5
mh-60s 167843 : USN; Jan13 HSC-12 /NE-6
mh-60s 167863 : 2012 HSC-12 /NE-620
mh-60s 167871 : USN; 2010 HSC-8 /NG-1; 2012 HSC-12 /NE-621; 2014 still
mh-60s 168533 : USN; Jan13 HSC-12 /NE-622; May17 HSC-12 /NF-615
mh-60s 168534 : US Navy; MH-60S type HSC-12./NF-02 COMSEVENTHFLT embarked USS Blue Ridge +
: 22apr15 pictured as HSC-12 /616 COMSEVENTHFLT on the flight deck of the US+


nov-13RP Typhoon Haiyan relief operations
15-jul-1306-aug-13AU Talisman Saber 2013

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