usa Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven Eight

US Navy

HSM-78 : Blue Hawks
United States Naval Aviation

2012 to present    

hsm-78 mh-60r san-diego

Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven Eight
Blue Hawks commissioned at NAS North Island on March 2012 flying 12 MH-60R Seahawks and scheduled for their first deployment in 2014.

Unlike other HSM squadrons which transitioned from the older SH-60B , HSM-78 was created from scratch

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News of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven Eight

SIFOREX 2018 Exercise in Peru, 17-Apr-18 : An US Navy HSM-78’ MH-60R Seahawk is taking part of the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) Exercise SIFOREX in Peru. Represent a unique opportunity to train against multiple diesel powered submarines

Chilean Air Force in Southern Seas 2015, 13-Oct-15 : USS George Washington (CVN 73) and the Chilean Air Force (FACh) are conducting exercise Blue Sky V as part of Southern Seas, Oct 9-23. Southern Seas 2015 includes Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico

HSM-78 Prepares For Establishment, 26-Oct-11 : SAN DIEGO (NNS) By Aviation Machinist Mate Airman Amanda Huntoon, Navy Region Southwest Public Affairs - Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 78, the second HSM squadron to stand up in San Diego, prepared for its establishment at Naval Air Station North Island by hanging the squadron's sign Oct. 25.


2012/    NAS North Island KNZY


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2012/    S-70 H-60     MH-60R Seahawk

HSM-78 List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
mh-60r 166549 : HSM-78 /NE-706; w/o 26apr17 on initial takeoff 24m E Guam USS Dewey (DDG+
mh-60r 167011 : USN; HSM-78 /433 black-blue tail
mh-60r 167041 : USN; May13 HSM-78
mh-60r 167055 : USN; Oct13 HSM-78 /NE-703
mh-60r 167056 : USN; Jan14 HSM-78 /NE-710
mh-60r 167058 : USN; May13 HSM-78 /NE-712
mh-60r 167059 : USN; May13 HSM-78
mh-60r 167072 : USN; May14 HSM-78 /NE-705
mh-60r 168094 : USN; Oct15 HSM-78 /NE-714
mh-60r 168109 : USN; 2018 HSM-78 /NE-712
mh-60r 168118 : USN; 2017 HSM-78 /NE-710
mh-60r 168119 : USN; 2017 HSM-78 /NE-707
mh-60r 168121 : USN; 2016 HSM-78 /700 CAG aircraft
70-4817 mh-60r 168126 : USN; 2016 HSM-78 /NE-702

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