usa William Cramp and Sons

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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4.22471PS7 Hahnemann University Hospital Heliport, Pennsylvania
4.32339PA8 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Heliport, Pennsylvania
4.4207P72 Penns Landing Heliport, Pennsylvania
4.6323PA62 Temple University Heliport, Pennsylvania
6.8183 New York Shipbuilding, New Jersey
9.22971PA1 401 City Avenue Heliport, Pennsylvania

1825 to 1947

39 58 19.34 secs N - 75 7 4.13 secs W

History of this Location

Founded in 1825 on the Delaware River and close in 1927. In 1940, the US Navy reopen the yard to build cruisers and submarines. Finally closed in 1947 and converted in an industrial park.

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List of ships built at William Cramp and Sons

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1944-feb-20US CL-91 USS Oklahoma City Cleveland class
1944-aug-27US CL-92 USS Little Rock Cleveland class
1945-apr-22US CL-93 USS Galveston Cleveland class

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