Bethlehem Sparrows Point

Sparrows Point , Maryland

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
CGY Curtis Bay , Maryland 6.8252
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Heliport , Maryland 9.433206MD
North Locust Point , Maryland 9.9308
Port Covington , Maryland 10.4298
Johns Hopkins Hospital Critical Care Tower Heliport , Maryland 12.231617MD
Johns Hopkins Hospital Heliport , Maryland 12.33160MD3

  Bethlehem Sparrows Point

39° 13' 0'' N     76° 29' 42'' W
Sparrows Point, Maryland

Founded in 1887 as Maryland Steel. Acquired by Bethlehem in 1916. In 1997 was sold to Baltimore Marine Industries Inc.

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List of ships built at Bethlehem Sparrows Point

1955Destroyer Farragut class
1970Support Ship Kilauea class

1958-jul-18US DL-6 USS Farragut Farragut class
1958-dec-11US DL-7 USS Luce Farragut class
1968-jan-23US AE-28 USS Santa Barbara Kilauea class
1968-jul-17US AE-29 USS Mount Hood Kilauea class

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