Fincantieri Marinette Marine

Marinette , Wisconsin

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Satellite and aerial maps of Marinette Marine with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Menominee-Marinette , Michigan 3.3332KMNM
Oconto , Wisconsin 34.0222KOCQ
Pulaski Carter , Wisconsin 69.422292C
Green Bay / Austin Straubel Intl , Wisconsin 79.4210KGRB
Manitowoc , Wisconsin 108.1182KMTW
Aspirus Langlade Hospital , Wisconsin 119.3272WI45

  Marinette Marine

1942 to present

45° 6' 0'' N     87° 37' 8'' W
Menominee River, Marinette, Wisconsin
Elevation: 570 feet

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List of ships built at Marinette Marine

-Littoral combat ship Freedom class

2006-sep-23US LCS-1 USS Freedom Freedom class
2010-dec-4US LCS-3 USS Fort Worth Freedom class
2013-dec-18US LCS-5 USS Milwaukee Freedom class
2014-oct-18US LCS-7 USS Detroit Freedom class
2015-jul-18US LCS-9 USS Little Rock Freedom class
2016-jan-30US LCS-11 USS Sioux City Freedom class
2018-apr-18US LCS-17 USS Indianapolis Freedom class
2019US LCS-13 USS Wichita Freedom class
2019US LCS-15 USS Billings Freedom class
2020US LCS-19 USS St. Louis Freedom class
2020-jan-19US LCS-23 USS Cooperstown Freedom class
2021-jun-15US LCS-21 USS Minneapolis / St. Paul Freedom class

List of aircraft and events at Marinette Marine

2013-dec-18 USN Freedom class LCS-5 USS Milwaukee

2014-feb-19 USN Freedom class LCS-11 USS Sioux City
2014-oct-18 USN Freedom class LCS-7 USS Detroit

2016-jan-30 USN Freedom class LCS-11 USS Sioux City

2018-apr-18 USN Freedom class LCS-17 USS Indianapolis

2020-jan-19 USN Freedom class LCS-23 USS Cooperstown

2021-jun-15 USN Freedom class LCS-21 USS Minneapolis / St. Paul

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