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Portsmouth, England
United Kingdom

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0.7305 HMNB Portsmouth, England
0.9357 HMS Excellent, England
2.8302 Fareham Creek, England
4.5268 HMS Sultan, England
4.8263 HMS Siskin, England
4.9191 Spithead, England

1212 to present

50 48 17 secs N - 1 5 53 secs W
Elevation: 10 feet

History of this Location

Her Majestys Dockyard Portsmouth. The southern and eastern part of the site was essentially the shipbuilding and refitting yard. This has significantly contracted since 1970 and most of the land to the south has been released to tourism as Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

There has been a Royal Dockyard at Portsmouth since 1212 after orders were issued by that rogue, King Richard I (the Lionheart), for a dock to be built.

As well as supporting the fleet, the Dockyard became a seat of engineering excellence and drivers of the industrial revolution, for instance with the invention of the first machine for making consistently reliable blocks and tackle for naval rigging.

The last ship built at the Yard was HMS Andromeda, launched in 1967.

It is fair to say that much of the southern part of the site today is more of a tourist destination, but there is still a Naval presence towards the north of the site and in the surrounding area. Portsmouth was long ago eclipsed by Devonport Dockyard as Chatham and then Rosyth closed and some of their facilities were re-distributed.

A visit to the Historic Dockyard is well worth it, if only to visit the Action Stations building. Go on a quiet day and you can have the Merlin simulator to yourself.

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List of ships built at HMD Portsmouth

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-Corvette Port of Spain class
1960Frigate Type 12 Rothesay class
1962Frigate Type 81 Tribal class
1966Frigate Towed Array Exocet Leander class
1968Frigate Seawolf Leander class
2007Corvette Modified River class

1959-apr-23UK F129 HMS Rhyl Type 12 Rothesay class
1960-sep-6UK F131 HMS Nubian Type 81 Tribal class
1964-sep-22UK F40 HMS Sirius Towed Array Exocet Leander class
1967-may-24UK F57 HMS Andromeda Seawolf Leander class
2006-jun-14UK P257 HMS Clyde Modified River class
2009-novTT Port of Spain Port of Spain class

HMD Portsmouth News

Portsmouth Harbour To Be Dredged For QEC Carriers, 30-Jun-15 : Defence Infrastructure Organisation has awarded the £31 million contract to dredge Portsmouth Harbour to Boskalis Westminster.

List of aircraft and events at HMD Portsmouth

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1952-sep Royal NavyColossus classR71 HMS Vengeance
1953-nov DockyardRoyal NavyCentaur classR06 HMS Centaur
1957-nov Royal NavyModified Centaur classR07 HMS Albion
1962-apr Buccaneer refitRoyal NavyIllustrious classR38 HMS Victorious
1962-nov-13 DepartureRoyal NavyImproved Centaur classR12 HMS Hermes
2010-jan-25 2010-oct DockyardRoyal NavyType 42 (Batch 3)D97 HMS Edinburgh
2014-jul CUPRoyal NavyType 45 Daring classD34 HMS Diamond
2014-nov Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF237 HMS Westminster
2016-oct Royal NavyType 45 Daring classD36 HMS Defender

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