Austal USA

Blakeley Island, Mobile , Alabama

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
USS Alabama Museum , Alabama 2.1124
Mobile Downtown / Brookley Field , Alabama 8.0204KBFM
Gulf Shipbuilding Corporation , Alabama 8.6343
Mobile Regional Airport , Alabama 20.4270KMOB
Stapleton Fire Dept , Alabama 24.2073
SouthFlight Alabama , Alabama 25.8293

  Austal USA

1999 to present

30° 41' 31.71'' N     88° 1' 58.73'' W
Blakeley Island, Mobile, Alabama

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List of ships built at Austal USA

-Littoral combat ship Independence class

?US LCS-12 USS Omaha Independence class
?US LCS-14 USS Manchester Independence class
?US LCS-16 USS Tulsa Independence class
?US LCS-18 USS Charleston Independence class
?US LCS-20 USS Cincinnati Independence class
?US LCS-22 USS Kansas City Independence class
?US LCS-24 USS Oakland Independence class
2008-apr-26US LCS-2 USS Independence Independence class
2012-jan-14US LCS-4 USS Coronado Independence class
2013-dec-14US LCS-6 USS Jackson Independence class
2014-aug-6US LCS-8 USS Montgomery Independence class
2015-jun-13US LCS-10 USS Gabrielle Giffords Independence class

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