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  • germany HC Stülcken Sohn

    Hamburg, Hamburg


    Satellite and aerial maps of HC Stülcken Sohn with nearby locations

    1846 to present


    History of this Location

    H.C. Stulcken Sohn (also known as Stulcken -Werft) was a shipbuilding company located in Hamburg and founded in 1840 by Heinrich Christoph Stulcken . During World War II the company built 24 U-boats for the Kriegsmarine. In 1966 was absorbed by Blohm + Voss.

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    List of ships built at HC Stülcken Sohn

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    1958-dec-6DE F220 Köln F 120 Köln class
    1959-mar-21DE F221 Emden F 120 Köln class
    1959-aug-15DE F222 Augsburg F 120 Köln class
    1960-mar-26DE D181 Hamburg Type 101 Hamburg class
    1960-jul-23DE F224 Lübeck F 120 Köln class
    1960-aug-20DE D182 Schleswig-Holstein Type 101 Hamburg class
    1962-feb-3DE F225 Braunschweig F 120 Köln class
    1962-aug-14DE D183 Bayern Type 101 Hamburg class
    1963-may-4DE D184 Hessen Type 101 Hamburg class

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