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  • usa Avondale Shipyard

    Bridge City, Louisiana



    Satellite and aerial maps of Avondale Shipyard with nearby locations

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    2.00121LA2 Phi Harahan Heliport, Louisiana
    5.5098LA93 New Orleans Children Hospital Heliport, Louisiana
    6.3039LS96 Ochsner Medical Institutions Heliport, Louisiana
    9.9001LS85 E Jefferson helipad, Louisiana
    10.40727N0 Nola New Orleans Downtown Heliport, Louisiana
    10.5317KMSY Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl, Louisiana

    29° 55' 26.4'' N - 90° 11' 6'' W

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    List of ships built at Avondale Shipyard

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    1959Frigate Claud Jones class
    1962Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams class
    1963Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams NTU class
    1963Frigate Bronstein class
    1965Frigate Garcia class
    1967Coast Guards Hamilton class
    1969Frigate Knox class
    1981Support Ship Cimarron class
    1986Support Ship Henry J. Kaiser class
    1989Landing Ship/Platform Dock Whidbey Island class
    1995Landing Ship/Platform Dock Harpers Ferry class
    1999Icebreakers Healy class
    2006Landing Ship/Platform Dock San Antonio class

    1958-may-27US DE-1033 USS Claud Jones Claud Jones class
    1958-jul-29US DE-1034 USS John R. Perry Claud Jones class
    1960US DE-1035 USS Charles Berry Claud Jones class
    1960US DE-1036 USS McMorris Claud Jones class
    1961-may-20US DDG-18 USS Semmes Charles F. Adams class
    1961-aug-26US DDG-19 USS Tattnall Charles F. Adams NTU class
    1962-mar-31US FF-1037 USS Bronstein Bronstein class
    1962-jun-9US FF-1038 USS McCloy Bronstein class
    1964-feb-15US FF-1043 USS Edward McDonnell Garcia class
    1964-oct-2US FF-1045 USS Davidson Garcia class
    1965-jul-26US FF-1044 USS Brumby Garcia class
    1965-dec-18US WHEC-715 USCGC Hamilton Hamilton class
    1966-oct-1US WHEC-716 USCGC Dallas Hamilton class
    1967-feb-11US WHEC-717 USCGC Mellon Hamilton class
    1967-may-20US WHEC-718 USCGC Chase Hamilton class
    1967-jun-17US WHEC-719 USCGC Boutwell Hamilton class
    1967-sep-23US WHEC-720 USCGC Sherman Hamilton class
    1967-nov-18US WHEC-721 USCGC Gallatin Hamilton class
    1968-feb-10US WHEC-722 USCGC Morgenthau Hamilton class
    1968-jul-20US FF-1056 USS Connole Knox class
    1968-nov-16US WHEC-723 USCGC Rush Hamilton class
    1969-jan-4US FF-1059 USS W. S. Sims Knox class
    1969-may-3US FF-1061 USS Patterson Knox class
    1969-jun-14US FF-1068 USS Vreeland Knox class
    1969-aug-23US FF-1072 USS Blakely Knox class
    1969-nov-1US FF-1075 USS Trippe Knox class
    1970-jan-17US FF-1077 USS Ouellet Knox class
    1970-mar-7US FF-1078 USS Joseph Hewes Knox class
    1970-may-2US FF-1079 USS Bowen Knox class
    1970-jun-20US FF-1080 USS Paul Knox class
    1970-jul-24US FF-1086 USS Brewton Knox class
    1970-aug-29US FF-1081 USS Aylwin Knox class
    1970-nov-21US FF-1082 USS Elmer Montgomery Knox class
    1970-dec-5US WHEC-724 USCGC Munro Hamilton class
    1971-jan-23US FF-1083 USS Cook Knox class
    1971-mar-20US FF-1084 USS McCandless Knox class
    1971-apr-24US WHEC-725 USCGC Jarvis Hamilton class
    1971-may-22US FF-1085 USS Donald B. Beary Knox class
    1971-sep-4US WHEC-726 USCGC Midgett Hamilton class
    1971-sep-25US FF-1087 USS Kirk Knox class
    1971-dec-4US FF-1088 USS Barbey Knox class
    1972-mar-18US FF-1089 USS Jesse L. Brown Knox class
    1972-apr-15US FF-1090 USS Ainsworth Knox class
    1972-jun-3US FF-1091 USS Miller Knox class
    1972-aug-12US FF-1092 USS Thomas C. Hart Knox class
    1972-oct-21US FF-1093 USS Capodanno Knox class
    1972-dec-16US FF-1094 USS Pharris Knox class
    1973-feb-3US FF-1095 USS Truett Knox class
    1973-mar-24US FF-1096 USS Valdez Knox class
    1973-may-12US FF-1097 USS Moinester Knox class
    1979-apr-28US AO 177 USS Cimarron Cimarron class
    1980-may-17US AO 179 USS Merrimack Cimarron class
    1981US AO 178 USS Monongahela Cimarron class
    1981-jul-18US AO 180 USS Willamette Cimarron class
    1982-jan-30US AO 186 USS Platte Cimarron class
    1985-oct-5US T-AO-187 USNS Henry J. Kaiser Henry J. Kaiser class
    1986-feb-22US T-AO-188 USNS Joshua Humphreys Henry J. Kaiser class
    1986-aug-9US T-AO-189 USNS John Lenthall Henry J. Kaiser class
    1987-jan-17US T-AO-190 USNS Andrew J. Higgins Henry J. Kaiser class
    1987-jun-27US LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall Whidbey Island class
    1987-oct-2US T-AO-193 USNS Walter S. Diehl Henry J. Kaiser class
    1988-jan-16US LSD-45 USS Comstock Whidbey Island class
    1988-sep-15US LSD-46 USS Tortuga Whidbey Island class
    1988-dec-3US T-AO-195 USNS Leroy Grumman Henry J. Kaiser class
    1989-may-6US LSD-47 USS Rushmore Whidbey Island class
    1989-sep-23US T-AO-197 USNS Pecos Henry J. Kaiser class
    1989-nov-11US LSD-48 USS Ashland Whidbey Island class
    1991-feb-2US T-AO-198 USNS Big Horn Henry J. Kaiser class
    1991-oct-5US T-AO-200 USNS Guadalupe Henry J. Kaiser class
    1992-may-16US T-AO-199 USNS Tippecanoe Henry J. Kaiser class
    1993-jan-16US LSD-49 USS Harpers Ferry Harpers Ferry class
    1993-feb-6US T-AO-202 USNS Yukon Henry J. Kaiser class
    1993-oct-2US LSD-50 USS Carter Hall Harpers Ferry class
    1994-jun-11US LSD-51 USS Oak Hill Harpers Ferry class
    1994-jul-23US T-AO-201 USNS Patuxent Henry J. Kaiser class
    1995-jan-14US T-AO-204 USNS Rappahannock Henry J. Kaiser class
    1995-may-6US T-AO-203 USNS Laramie Henry J. Kaiser class
    1996-feb-24US LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor Harpers Ferry class
    1997-nov-15US WAGB-20 USCGC Healy Healy class
    2003-jul-12US LPD-17 USS San Antonio San Antonio class
    2007US LPD-18 USS New Orleans San Antonio class
    2009US LPD-20 USS Green Bay San Antonio class
    2009US LPD-21 USS New York San Antonio class
    2011-feb-12US LPD-23 USS Anchorage San Antonio class
    2012-apr-14US LPD-25 USS Somerset San Antonio class

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