italy Castellammare di Stabia

Naples, Campania

Satellite and aerial maps of Castellammare di Stabia with nearby locations

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22.1312 off Naples, Campania
26.2324LIRN Naples Capodichino, Campania
27.7302 San Paolo Stadium, Campania
38.2102LIRI Salerno Pontecagnano, Campania
52.3321LIRM Grazzanise, Campania
121.4 47LIBF Foggia, Apulia

40° 41' 36.24'' N - 14° 28' 11.28'' E
Castellammare di Stabia

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List of ships built at Castellammare di Stabia

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1961Frigate Bergamini (1962) class
1964Guided-Missile Cruiser Andrea Doria class
1969Helicopter Carrier Vittorio Veneto class
1972Guided-Missile Destroyer Audace class

1960-mar-3IT F 596 Luigi Rizzo Bergamini (1962) class
1960-jun-12IT F 595 Carlo Margottini Bergamini (1962) class
1960-oct-9IT F 594 Virginio Fasan Bergamini (1962) class
1962IT C 554 Caio Duilio Andrea Doria class
1967-feb-5IT C 550 Vittorio Veneto Vittorio Veneto class
1971-nov-27IT D 550 Ardito Audace class

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