germany Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft

Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein

Satellite and aerial maps of FSG Shipbuilders with nearby locations

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21.2195ETME Langstedt Eggebek, Schleswig-Holstein
38.3210EDXJ Husum Schwesing, Schleswig-Holstein
39.2172ETNS Schleswig Jagel, Schleswig-Holstein
47.0346EKSP Skrydstrup AB, Syddanmark
55.6173ETNH Hohn, Schleswig-Holstein
57.8162 Lurssen (Kroeger Werft), Schleswig-Holstein

1872 to present

54 48 30 secs N - 9 26 7 secs E

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List of ships built at FSG Shipbuilders

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1966Support Ship 701 Lüneburg class
1993Support Ship 404 Elbe class
2001Support Ship 702 Class
2003Support Shipunited kingdom Point class

1966DE A1411 Lüneburg 701 Lüneburg class
1993-mar-11DE A513 Rhein 404 Elbe class
1993-jun-17DE A514 Werra 404 Elbe class
2001DE A1411 Berlin 702 Class
2002DE A1412 Frankfurt am Main 702 Class
2002-apr-19UK mv Hurst Point Point class
2002-aug-16UK mv Eddystone Point class
2002-nov-8UK mv Longstone Point class
2003-feb-7UK mv Beachy Head Point class

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